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Roman Engineering Paragraph

I chose Roman engineering as the most important legacy, because the Romans have influenced us with their engineering concepts. Some of the most influential inventions were bridges, aqueducts, roads, columns and arches. Some of these ideas are still used today. Roads are one of the inventions used by romans today. Roads helped romans travel to and from towns. Roads also allowed Roman Soldiers to move quickly around the empire. Roads are used today to help us travel from place to place. Bridges are another important part of engineering, because bridges helped romans cross rivers to go to towns so they could trade. We use bridges still today to allow us to cross rivers, lakes, creeks, railroad tracks, and roads. Bridges also help us travel. Columns were important in the structure of a building. Romans used columns for holding up a roof on either a church or homes. Columns were both useful and gave interest to the design of a building. Today we use columns for churches, homes and important buildings such as the White House. There are many more engineering concepts that millions of people use today thanks to the Romans.

Pont du Gard (Roman Aqueduct) (UNESCO/NHK)