Branch Rickeys Noble Experiment

A Fight For What's Right

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Branch Rickey fought for black rights in baseball.

In Search For A Black Athlete

Even though he knew the consequences, Branch Rickey still wanted approval from his directors to find a black player for the Major League. (pg. 290)

Branch Rickey searched all over the world for a worthy black player who was willing to play in the Major Leagues. (pg. 293)

Fighting For Black Rights

“The hotel management…refused to sign a room to a black player…Mr. Rickey came up with a compromise. He suggested a cot be put in his own room, which he would share with the unwanted guest.”(289)

“His pleas to change the rules were in vain. Those in power argued that if blacks were allowed…white business would suffer…but when he,” Branch Rickey, “became the boss of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1943, he felt the time for equality in baseball had come.”(289)


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