Montclair State Gifted and Talented

A learning experience

A great experience for gifted and talented children!

There are many courses that can be taken with this program including robotics, debate, cartooning, animation, theater, dance, and forensics as well as major courses such as math, science, and humanities. There are small class sizes which gives the student the opportunity to create their own personalized program.

A history about the program.

It was established in 1981. "During the first semester, 33 years ago, 77 students in grades 7-11 enrolled and were offered only two courses. In contrast, a total of 1,500 students register for approximately 200 courses today!" (Montclair State, 2015). Since opening they have serviced over 10,000 students. Along with New Jersey they also service Philadelphia, PA, and several NY cities and counties.

A great opportunity for all gifted and talented children! Find out more here:

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