by: Josh Everhart

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I address this issue because I have experienced depression before and know what it is like. nothing from depression is healthy, all you do is sit there and think and relive the unbearable pains for everyday life.

I think people should be aware of depression because it is becoming more and more common in teens and young adults. some of the effects of depression can be fetal. Thoughts of suicide and other think of that nature. People need to be more aware of the kids in schools and how their action can affect the other person.

This novel inspired me because some of the situation Angle and her brother got in to with Jordan. in some parts of the novel the clues show that angle is afraid of Jordan and becomes somewhat depressed when he is around

News Article

a young teen by the name of angle has been recently reported for being abused and my be depressed and now someone know what do to. her brother is very dependent on her to keep him going.

Facts and Information

  • depression is more common in teens and young adults.
  • depression is one of the main causes of suicide.
  • depression has many negitve effects on the body and brain.
  • with the large amounts kids in schools the bullying rate has went up in the last few years. This is the main reason for depression.
  • bullying is in all schools there for so is depression.

Character Analysis

angle is probley the nost depressed person in the whole book. Angle and her brother are abused by jordan sparks and the can creat a depressed feeling for the reader also a sence of hopelessness. angle reacts by runninf form the problem being jordan she has almost no choice but to stay. the issude effected them by making angle throw up also made her vary sick. mr wasington was there for both of the kids when they needed him the most therefore he was an influence to both angle and her brothers.

Call to Action

We as induvidules can keep other from bullying in schools and try to complument someone everyonce in a while. We as a community can work together to acomplish the same goals.