World War 1

July 28, 1914 -- November 11, 1918

14 Legacies

World War 1 was a devastating war that lasted 4 years; however it did leave us with 14 legacies we still use today. The 14 lasting legacies we use in warfare are poisonous gas, shell shock, conscription, war technology, pacifism, the middle east legacy, filmed propaganda, workers of the world, the planned economy, nation states, the "broken faces", blood banks, the decline of aristocracy, and women's emancipation.

Effects of WW1

As a result of World War I, socialistic ideas experienced a boom as they spread not only in Germany and the Austrian empire but also made advances in Britain 1923 and France 1924. However, the most popular type of government to gain influence after World War I was the republic. Before the war, Europe contained 19 monarchies and 3 republics, yet only a few years afterward, had 13 monarchies, 14 republics and 2 regencies. Evidently, revolution was in the air and people began to more ardently express their desires for a better way of life.