Jan 2014 Newsletter

SES Traditional Choir

Great Job at the Twelfth Night Choral Concert at St. Thomas More

Thanks to all who participated in the Twelfth Night Concert! I thought we represented St. Elizabeth Seton Church very, very well in how we sang. Joe Nickel said that "The Shepherds' Farewell" was gorgeous. Other comments from Julie Marner at St. John's and others were that we sang very well and they enjoyed the group. Sopranos: Be proud. One director (the guy in red) came across the room to compliment the group, and said the sopranos had such a lovely sound!

You all watched, blended, and listened to each other! Top-notch singing! Congrats to you all!

We are blessed to have such talented people. We were missing quite a few members who were sick or unable to attend, and it still went very well!


Great fun had by all at the Christmas Party

What a great party we had! It seemed to set itself up and clean itself up too! Great food. Highlights for me were: Lasagna, meatballs, quinoa salad, Margarete's poppy seed roll... Gosh it's hard to choose. There was pancit, lumpia, honey-glazed ham, pizza, veggie and fruit trays, you name it and it was there! Desserts too! The Traditional and Contemporary choirs combined for the party and we had about 60 people present. Thanks to Bill Rundle, Piero Berlonghi and Karen Ryan Fillerup for the music too!

Christmas Reviews still coming in!

I'm still hearing great things about Christmas Eve. Thank you all for your dedication and talent. I'm hoping the strings at Christmas become a regular thing! Also, many thanks and bravos to Mike Fenick, who played at Communion on Christmas Eve and Epiphany Sunday. Mike, you are welcome any time, and thank you!

The Music Ministries at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church

Rebecca Steinke, Director of Music and Events


Thursday will be our big music turn-in, so be ready!