126th EDITION: September 13, 2019

From the Desk of...

During this difficult time for Marian Central due to the lightning strike, I am reminded of the start of the school year and my presentation to our faculty and staff. My topic was in regard to working together and centered on John Maxwell’s work, who is one of the foremost authors on teamwork, and I added some of my own personal experiences and thoughts. At one point, I mentioned that in Maxwell’s opinion every organization, company, or business would likely experience on average at least three crises per year. The question should not be if Marian Central will have a crisis, but how will we handle that crisis when it does in fact come.

I relayed an experience I had with a young teenage deaf student of mine who went through a very severe personal tragedy. Most of us (especially me) would have a very difficult time overcoming that type of situation. This incredible young lady had such dignity that she would often simply sign how happy she was that it was over and she would call all those who helped her, her heroes. The fact is that she was the hero to all of us who knew her. The other individual who comes to mind is St. Teresa of Calcutta. She would often have great, seemly insurmountable needs in her ministry with the poor. Her answers in those times were always the same, pray, and know that God would provide. This incredible saint was someone who we all remember to be at peace, exhibited such grace, dignity and love, no matter what was presented to her. I love this quote attributed to her, “You will know that you have succeeded when you are surrounded by the storm and confusion of life, yet feel serene and confident”.

We have been blessed. No one was hurt; there was no fire or explosion. We are blessed to have a faculty and staff who handled the lighting strike like the true professionals they are and to have the Woodstock Fire Department come and play an important role in our safety. We are blessed for all those who prayed and did whatever they could to help us reopen as soon as possible. Through this tragedy, Marian has acted with dignity, a sense of calm, and with confidence. This is who we are, because we know by faith that Christ lives at Marian.

Mike Shukis

Assistant Superintendent

We Pray Together

Marian Central students and staff will join together in prayer at a special All School Mass as we return to school on Monday, September 16th. We welcome His Excellence Bishop Malloy as our Celebrant.

Homecoming 2019

This year, in honor of celebrating our 60th year as a school, our Homecoming Theme is

Yacht Party! We are excited to decorate our halls to reflect different US Ports!

· HOMECOMING FACTS SHEET (EVERYTHING you could need in one place, including Spirit Week Theme Days, Hall Themes, and Calendar of Events)

· GUEST DATE REQUEST FORM (if your student is bringing a non-Marian date to the dance!)



Sept. 16th (Mon.) - DATE REQUEST FORMS available in front office!

Sept. 23th to Sept. 26th (Mon - Thurs.), LUNCH PERIODS: HC Dance tickets on sale. $10 each - please have exact change or check payable to Marian Central. If you are bringing a Non-Marian Guest to the dance, please have the DATE REQUEST FORM completed at the time of the ticket sale.

Sept. 24th (Tues.) - 10 minute homeroom: Seniors vote for Homecoming Court (announced P9)

Sept. 27th (Thurs.) - Court Photos (court invited to dress up for the day)

Sept. 30th (Mon.) – Seniors meet with Jostens in auditorium 3rd period where Seniors vote for

Homecoming King/Queen

Oct. 3rd (Thurs.) – 3:30 pm Homecoming Parade on the Woodstock Square

Oct. 3rd (Thurs.) - 7:00 pm POWDER PUFF GAME! (Personal Care Item Donation or $2 at Gate!)

Oct. 4th (Fri.) -

· 8:55 am: All School Mass in Landers Pavilion

· 1:34 pm: PEP ASSEMBLY in Landers Pavilion

· 5:00 pm: Frosh/Soph Football Game vs Carmel

· 6:15 pm: Homecoming court & parents report to Father’s Club Pavilion

· 6:45 pm to 7:00 pm: HOMECOMING KING/QUEEN ANNOUNCED (on the field)

· 7:30 pm: Homecoming Varsity Football Game vs Carmel

· Hall of Fame Inductions during half-time of Varsity Game

Oct. 5th (Sat.) 7:00 - 10:00 pm - HOMECOMING DANCE in Landers Pavilion

Please note: we will not allow students to ENTER the dance after 8:00pm. Students are NOT allowed to bring bags/backpacks or outside food or drink to the dance. Also, Marian Central cannot “hold” students until a designated time; however, if students leave the dance, they are not allowed back in. Please make sure you know your students’ plans for the evening.

Practice ACT

The Marian Central Catholic H. S. Library is offering an opportunity for Juniors to take a complete practice ACT test, spread out over two after-school sessions. The testing will take place on October 9 (2:30 - 5:00) and October 10 (2:30 - 4:00). These are official practice tests from ACT, and students will receive scaled scores for each test section and subsection.

This is an opportunity for Marian students to get an idea of the types of questions they will be seeing on the real test. They will also experience the ACT testing environment, complete with proctored instructions, ACT rules, and more than one test in one sitting. Test seating is limited to the first 25 students to register.

If you are interested, please print the form linked below, complete the signature block, and return it to the Marian library no later than October 7. You will be notified by e-mail once your form has been received. Watch the Marian website for up- to-date information on the number of seats available. Marian Central Catholic H. S. Practice ACT Registration

Need Sweaters?

Lands End is letting us in on their Friends and Family sale! Take advantage of 40% off and stock up! Sweater season begins on November 4th.


Click here to shop today.

We Need You!

We are in need of parent volunteers for a variety of things, but especially for extra chaperones for school trips and retreats. If you are interested, please contact the front office to find out the requirements for being a parent volunteer for Marian.

Thank you!

Fr. 20

Parents Association Meeting

Wednesday, September 18th

7:00 pm

Annex Building

Come help support the students' plans for the Homecoming Dance. All parents are welcome!

Spotlight On...

At tonight's football game, the spotlight will be on St. Mary Catholic School! Listen for fun facts about St. Mary throughout the game. Watch for other spotlights at upcoming events!

Pizza Night!

Bring your friends and this flyer to Napoli Pizza after the football game tonight and 10% of the proceeds will be donated back to Marian! Enjoy some delicious pizza while Marian benefits too!

Savers Fundraiser

Due to the unforeseen circumstances with our school closure, the fundraiser has been rescheduled. Items can be dropped off before and after school once we reopen, as well as Saturday, September 21st from 9:30 am - 3:00 pm in the Auditorium. Stay tuned for our rescheduled dates!

Did You Know?

At Marian Central we celebrate birthdays! Each day during morning announcements, we wish a Happy Birthday to those celebrating their special day. Those students are invited to stop in the Office for a traditional Marian Central candy bar (a Hershey bar with a Marian Central wrapper). Today, September 13th is the birthday of Milton Hershey, who created the original Hershey bar in 1900. Happy Birthday, Milton Hershey (1857-1945)!

The Shirt

It's BACK! Yes the rumors are true…THE SHIRT is back. We are again offering the official school spirit shirt to the student body for $15. (+$2-$3 for XXL-XXXL) Starting 9/23 students can purchase the shirt in room 216 before or after school. We will have a variety of sizes available. Simply send a check (made out to Marian Central) or cash and this form with your student. If we run out of your size we will place a second order later, it just may not be here for the Homecoming Game on 10/4.

Remember, parents and younger siblings can show Hurricane Spirit too! To guarantee your order by Homecoming or if you have a large order, or orders with the larger sizes (XXL-XXXL), please email me ASAP with those details. The first order will be placed on Monday 9/16. After that date your order will be subject to the availability of our stock, and you may have to wait for the second order to be made.

The profits from this year’s shirt will go to the Don Penza Scholarship that is given each year in memory of our dear coach who coached football here from 1981-1989. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Laura Littner at


College Corner

Financial Aid Information Night will be held on Tuesday, September 24th 2019 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the Auditorium. This program will provide families with an understanding of how families’ financial need is determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile and how colleges use that information to award need-based financial aid. This year’s presenter will be Susan Teerink, the Associate Vice Provost for Financial Aid and Enrollment Services at Marquette University. This program is open to students and parents from all grade levels, however junior and senior families are strongly encouraged to attend.

…and now…Mr. Stamatakos’ one weird trick to “game” the college search process!

Mr. Stamatakos is starting another multi-part series for the Friday Focus! Learn more at:

Senior Photos

Senior Women:

...will be photographed on Tuesday, September 17th. Appropriate attire on this day includes dress pants or uniform pants and a blouse or sweater that covers the shoulders. Dresses/skirts are not allowed. No nose rings/studs, facial piercing, and no more than two earrings per ear will be permitted on girls. Since students are expected to follow a full day of course scheduling, appropriate and comfortable shoes are recommended. High heels are discouraged.

Senior Men:

...will be photographed on Wednesday, September 18th. Suitable dress on this day includes a white shirt and tie, a sport coat or suit coat, and dress pants or uniform pants. No nose rings/studs, facial hair, facial piercing, and no earrings will be permitted on boys.

Hair for girls and boys must conform to Student Handbook guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation and your support of the dress code listed above.

Schedules for each day will be posted on the Cafeteria doors beginning Monday.