Raleigh Hills Newsletter

November 8, 2019

Weekly Message

Dear Raleigh Hills Families and Community,

We were so appreciative of the opportunities at conferences to connect with families. Teachers and families discussed students' current academic progress, celebrated specific work accomplishments, conferred about teaching and learning strategies, shared about social emotional learning, and set goals. It was inspiring to hear from teachers and families about students' progress.

Partnering with families around their children's learning is so important to us. We are always happy to hear from you!

Please enjoy your long weekend, and we look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!

Warm regards,

Jennifer and Lindsay


Thank You For Conference Treats

Thank you so much to Annie Miller and The Meating Place for treating our staff to a delicious lunch during conferences. It was such a luxury to have a warm meal on those 12-hour days for staff. Thanks also to our PTO for the caffeine and pick-me-ups that helped us power through! We appreciate how our community takes such good care of us!

Celebrating RH Student Learning

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Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle Visits 2nd Grade

Students had the opportunity to meet with our Beaverton Mayor on Wednesday! Students asked him very thoughtful questions about his job. Some of their questions were:

What was your first law?

Do you have to live in the city to be the mayor?

Do you have term limits?

Do you get paid a lot?

What do you do?

Do you travel to other places?

Do you fix sidewalks?

What did you do before you became mayor?

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News from Technology Class

Kindergarten through 3rd grade just finished a Digital Citizenship lesson about being balanced with time on and off of technology. For instance making decisions to play with friends or outside instead of on a device and turning devices off before going to bed. 4th and 5th graders are looking at the same issue but on a deeper level. They are examining examples of media usage and then looking at when they access all types of media and how long also. They are learning that the when and how long are just as important as what they are doing. They are discovering that what might be an okay choice at one time of day might not be a good choice at a different time of day.

As we look forward to Computer Science week in December students will be playing some games in Tech that involve strategy and problems solving. The aim is to develop problem solving skills that can be used for coding during Hour of Code December 9-13 and beyond.

Middle School students are currently working on their Signal to Noise projects using Khan Academy lessons about film development. They will also be doing Hour of Code in December.

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The Red and Black Newspaper

Here is the next edition of "The Red and Black," our very own student ran digital newspaper. What a great opportunity for your students to connect with the news in our world through the writing and perspective of middle school students!

In this issue:

Bingo Night Recap

The Orange Bucket Explained

Teacher Interviews with Mrs. DeMartino, Mrs. Lowenberg, and Mr. Jordan

Mrs. Towell's Class Interview

Fall Pt.1 by Bethzy

Tech Spotlight

...And much more!

Adam C. Lee

8th Grade Humanities


Thanks for reading, sharing, and your support.

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Salmon at Raleigh Hills

Our salmon eggs have arrived and are in the tank in the front lobby. If you are new to Raleigh Hills, it has been a tradition for us to raise salmon for twenty years. We raise them from egg to the fry stage.

Our fourth and fifth graders are the salmon stewards. The science standard connected to this learning are Structures and Functions of Animals and Plants and Habitats, Ecosystems, and Adaptations.

All students will see the fish grow until they are released on a fourth grade field trip in December. They will be releasing the salmon in Johnson Creek.


Options School Open House Wednesday

Families interested in our middle school options program are invited to join us on Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:30. We will have three different break-out sessions that include a panel of past and present students, teachers, and administrators.

Report Cards Are Going Paperless

The Beaverton School District is transitioning to electronic report cards for all students. This upcoming Progress period will be the last time we will be printing and mailing paper progress reports/report cards. The electronic report cards will be accessed through ParentVUE (mobile and desktop). If parents/guardians have not set up their ParentVUE account, they will need to do so by January 2020.

There are resources and guidance on how to set up a ParentVue account. Please view the FAQ for instructions on setting up an account.

There are several benefits to moving to paperless report cards. Families will be able to view grades days after grading days, rather than wait up to two weeks for a report card to come by mail or in their child’s backpack. In addition, moving away from paper is environmentally friendly and cost-effective for the District.

Please contact us if you need help setting up or accessing your ParentVUE account or need assistance with a printed copy. We will be sharing more information about this transition in the coming weeks.

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Options Program

Raleigh Hills Option Information Night will be held on November 13th from 6:00-7:30!

The application window for the District’s full day options programs & schools is now open. The application window closes Friday, December 6, 2019 at 4pm. To learn more about full day, partial day and revolving options programs in the District, visit the Learning Options webpage. We also have a calendar of open houses on the full day options program webpage.

Application are available here.

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Healthy Snack Workshop

Colleen Kellogg's project was approved for Beaverton Choice award. The class has been selected to receive a New Seasons matching grant. They will contribute dollar for dollar up to the first $500 raised.

Her sixth grade health class wants to host a 3 day workshop meant to inspire and inform teenagers about preparing their own snacks. The 3 day workshop will be led by Beth Gates who has been involved with promoting cooking and teaching cooking classes to teens for over 8 years in the Portland area.

The direct link to the project is:


Scholastic Book Fair

The Book Fair will be at Raleigh Hills all week. Parents are invited to visit the book fair with their children after school from 3:15-4:30!
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New Scrip Program

We’re excited to introduce our new Scrip program at Raleigh Hills! Our Scrip program is a year-round easy fundraiser that brings in monthly funds for our school but costs you nothing extra!


When you buy gift cards through our Raleigh Hills K-8 Scrip program, our school earns a small percentage on each card you purchase. The best part? You pay face value for each gift card - NO EXTRA - so you don’t spend any more than your regular budget. You can buy gift cards to use for groceries, Amazon purchases, Starbucks, restaurants and more. Every purchase benefits Raleigh Hills!

Our new Scrip program is completely online! No more paper forms or checks. Order anytime, no deadlines. Detailed instructions are on the Scrip flyer at the bottom of this newsletter. Create your online account today and get some early holiday shopping done!

Questions? Email RaleighHillsScrip@gmail.com.

PTO Opportunities

I appreciate all 462 volunteers at RHS. To show my appreciation I will have a monthly Volunteer Shout Out and a monthly Lucky Volunteer. For the Lucky Volunteer, all volunteers who have logged 10 or more hours in a month will be put into a drawing and the winner will receive a $5 gift card to coffee or similar treat.

BETTY FRANK. Betty can be found in the workroom several times a week doing large projects for faculty. She started out as a teacher in a one-room school during the 50’s. During retirement she spends her time volunteering throughout the Beaverton School District. Betty has logged over 800 volunteer hours last school year! Just this school year so far she has logged over 80 hours at RHS. Let’s give “Grandma Betty” a SHOUT OUT!


Lisa Marquoit

Volunteer Coordinator, Raleigh Hills K-8

Art Enrichment After School Workshop

These after school art classes are run by Kim DeYoung. The flyers below give the dates and information.

Art Enrichment Workshop for 2nd-4th Grades

Art Enrichment Workshop for 6th Grade