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Spring has sprung! We are quickly moving through the school year, with only 28 school days until Spring Break. The students are working hard in math and literacy, and their hard work is paying off. In reading, TD certified students grew an average of 2.14 points in MAP from Fall to Winter. In math, the growth average was 4.01 points on average. Students often show a dip in MAP scores from Fall to Winter, so we can see that our teachers and students have been focused and learning through the whole first semester.

ELA in the Second Semester

A Note about End of Year Testing

This year, all EOG and NCFE exams will be given through a secure, online testing system. Students will not receive pen and paper test booklets, nor will they "bubble"' their answers. These changes are beginning at the middle school level. Teachers have been working with students to learn and practice the types of test taking skills they need for these types of assessments. Lots of activities on Canvas, Google Classroom and Schoolnet are ways that teachers can teach these skills in the context of their units, without "teaching" test taking. Please talk to your child about the strategies they are using, and encourage them to use them as they complete their assignments.

Math in the Second Semester

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Sixth Grade Math

Sixth graders continue to focus heavily on equations and expressions, using algebra to solve problems. As the year continues, they will move towards geometry and statistics. They will also work with ratios and proportions.

Seventh Grade Math

Seventh grade has begun statistics and probability. They are moving to geometry and continually review content from the first semester.

Eighth Grade Math

The Math I class is starting polynomials. This unit covers It covers adding, subtracting, multiplying and factoring polynomials. All students in the Math I/II class did very well on the Math I EOC.

Enrichment Opportunities

Duke TIP

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