Hi my name is Irina and i will tell you all about friends:)


I am going to teach you all about friends. I hope you like it!!!

What to do with your friends

What to do when a friend moves

When a friend moves it may be sad but you also have other friends. You can also call that friend and talk to them. But don't always make a big deal about I . Just remember you have other friends. But keep that friend in your heart

like they are still with you remember that :)

When you go to your friends house

When you go to your friends house be nice.The thing most People do when they go to a friends house is talk or watch TV. But you need to do more then that like go in the bake

yard and play tag. Don't just waste your time watching TV go play something your mom will

watch TV for you so play something.


When a friend comes to play at your house

When a friend comes to your remember to say something to them. In my

last paragraph I said DO NOT WATCH TV trust me your best friends will get bored. I whached tv when I want to my friends house it was BORING . Not to be mean or anything but it was:(

But anyway play with your friend.Ask them what they want to do thats what I did when my friend came over we had FUN:)

What to do when a friend is away!!! for vacation

When a friend is away don't get to upset you have other friends.You can talk to them about it . Maybe they are upset about it to.Maybe you can play a game with them yo cheer you up:)

Or you can go to the mall or go somewhere with your other friends so cheer up!!:)

Internet friends

Internet friends are cool and epic but they can cause danger to you because you don't know who the person is at all. Like Instagram you don't know some people on there. It cool

if you do know some people on there like you friends you can talk to them. My mom dose

not let me follow people that I don't know so I only have a privet account. You can even get hacked by people you don't know . So be safe on the internet and make sure you know the person that you see on the internet.Never give personal info on the internet. Making friends are hard on the internet because you need to type everything in and by the time you did that your friend is gone vanished because they think that you are gone or something like

that. Never ever in your life say bad words or bad and inappropriate stuff because those people can bloke you. And you can get in big trouble so be safe on the internet!!!:)

About the author

About then author I am 10 and my name is Irina Tutberidze I am Russian and I

love animals and gymnastics and soccer when I grow up I want to be a veterinarian:) I love dogs and Guinea pigs and I love to read. My favorite book is dork diaries and I love comic


like smile and drama. Well thats all about me:)