Jonathon Kittelson

Why i chose Ares

I chose ares because his symbol is a dog and I like dogs. Ares represents me because he is the god of violence and I play football which football is violent.


Father: Zeus

Mother: Hera

Children: Erotes Phobos Deimos Phlegyas Harmonia Adrestia

Roman Name: Mars

1.He was bested by Heracles

2.He was almost killed when stuffed into a jar by two giants

3. Another hero wounded him during the Trojan War, he received scant sympathy from his father

4.His throne on Mount Olympus is covered in human skin

5.His sons were the founders of Rome

6.In appearance Ares was handsome and cruel.

7.Often depicted carrying a blood stained spear

8.Soldiers rarely rejoice in the delight of Ares battle

9.Found delight in the toils and dangers of war.

10.There was no Greek cities that worshiped him.