Choosing A path

By: Katie Lipsey

A True Hero

Imagine, you're on the football field and all of the sudden, someone side tackles you. You see a blur and then, the world slowly fades to pitch black. When you awake, someone is standing there with a grin on their face telling you that they are there to help. That's my brother, Jimmy. He's in the sports medicine club. He helps injured athletes on the field. He chose a great school with lots of clubs. He could have chosen a private school but he didn't, he chose New Trier. He has many interest out of school too. Ever since he was a little boy, he's loved firefighters. He loves firefighters because they help people in a time of need. His lifelong dream is to help other people. Come on this adventure with Jimmy and explore his spectacular,amazing,difficult,extraordinary life.
What Is a Hero?

This essay is dedicated to my personal hero Jimmy.