Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's effect on the world

Background information

Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn. He had played several sports at a young age such as football, basketball, and baseball in which he originally liked first. Michael's family has later moved to North Carolina when he was young because of gang activity. He has two older brothers (Larry and James), one older (Delores) and younger sister (Roslyn). His father James Jordan was a mechanic while his mother Deloris was a bank teller. His father wanted Michael to be more like him but Michael wasn't interested in worked that involved getting his hand dirty. So he stayed with his mother the majority of the time. she taught him how to take care of himself and taught him that there will be punishment for his bad actions. As Michael grew older, the many sports in which he participated in were never fully committed to by him. He finally committed to playing basketball because of his brother Larry who would constantly beat him in their one on one games. When Michael turned fifteen, the situation flipped completely. Michel began to dominate Larry in their matches because he grew taller and losing had set a spark in Michael to make him work harder. At Laney High school, Michael made the junior varsity team his junior year and he wanted his brother's number forty-five. knowing that he could not have it, he divided forty-five by two and rounded up; this is how he got the number twenty three. Michael did not make the team his sophomore year because of his height. After this event, he did not accept it so it drove him to be the best player he could be. After graduating high school, Michael went to the University of North Carolina (UNC) where his career took off, and the rests is just history.

Michael's Struggles

Michael had struggled with racial tension many times in his teen years and early adult life. This was revealed in "Michael Jordan Reveals Struggles with Racism in the New Book Chronicles Legends Life," by Daneille Cadet when Cadet Interviewed Roland Lazenby ,the Author of the book "Michael Jordan: The Life." In the Article, Michael had said that he had started to learn about racial relations in the TV series "Roots," and had gotten suspended from school because he had thrown a soda at a girl for calling him the N-Word. In "Michael Jordan Reveals Struggles with Racism in the New Book Chronicles Legends Life," Cadet had learned that, "Jordan said in the book. 'I was really rebelling. I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all white people.'" This racial struggle was even worse because of Klan activity in North Carlina. The Klan affected his life by the Klan being involved in giving Bibles to schools and buying Ball Uniforms along with the racial violence they cause. "The Klan was like a chamber of commerce," as stated in "Michael Jordan Reveals Struggles with Racism in the New Book Chronicles Legends Life." Even though all of these things affected Michael as they did, he still was able to achieved amazing things that he has achieved.

Additionally, there were other significant struggles of Jordan's life that has affected the way Michael is today. The first struggle is not making the varsity team at his high school his sophomore year, and this was because of his height. Michael just could not accept the fact that he did not make the team, so it pushed him to work harder to make the team the next years throughout high school and his life. Another struggle was the broken foot he had gotten which had prevented him from participating in 64 regular season games. All in all, the most significant struggle of Michael's life was his gambling problem, and when his father was murdered by two teens during a robbery. The depression that had set in had caused him to do a surprise retirement from the NBA in 1993. He eventually came back during the season of 94-95

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Jordan's Accomplishments

Michael Jordan had many outstanding accomplishments during his life career as a basketball player. He has set and broken many records during his career. His career total number of points is thirty-two thousand two hundred ninety-two, five thousand six hundred thirty three assists, and six thousand six hundred seventy two rebounds. He has also won M.V.P. five times, participated in thirteen All-star games, and has won the NBA rookie of the year award. Michael has also reached an astonishing twenty eight triple doubles in his entire career. Michael has won three slam dunk contest; he two back to back and to defend his title as he defeated Dominique Wilkins in his last contest. Mike has also participated on the dream team; a team made of elite basketball players to play for the U.S. in the Olympics. Him and other legends such as Charles Barkley had won gold twice for our country. Michael's net worth had reached one billion dollars because of his recognition around the world and the amount of his shoes that are constantly bought on a daily basis. One of his most recognizable accomplishments are the six championships that he and his team have achieved through hard work, dedication, and determination with the perseverance when it got tough. They had won these championships twice back to back in increments of three. All in all, the most important of all of Michael's successes is that he is the greatest of all time (goat) and has been indicted into the NBA Hall of Fame.

Jordon's Legacy

Michael has had a long lasting effect on the world since his time during his career and after his retirement. While he was still playing in the NBA, he was and still is a spokesperson for many brands of attire, food, restaurants, and entertainment. Probably the most recognized of all of Michael's endorsements are his shoes. He has two lines of shoes; Nike (Jordan Brand) and team Jordan. The most worn of his shoes are the Nike shoes that he wore while still playing basketball. There are currently 1-30 of his shoes with many colors that are released year round. Another legacy that the people may no is his famous endorsements commercials of Gatorade, McDonald's, Hanes underwear, and Wheaties. Gatorade and its famous commercial "Like Mike" has inspired many people to aspire to be more like mike in the way he plays basketball. His McDonald's commercial most recognized the "Big Mac" with the help of all-star shooter Larry Bird. They had an all out shooting contest to see who would win the Big mac that Michael had bought for lunch. Michael has had many movies created to recognize his talent as a player such as Like Mike and Like Mike 2. There has also been many movies specifically made about his life (biography) and probably even an documentary or Autobiography. With out a doubt, the most important movie that he had partaken in is Space Jam. This movie broke box office sales and is favored by many. The movie involves the retired from basketball Michael who is playing baseball to rejoin the game to help save the looney Toons from utter destruction by the "Monstars". Lastly, the most important of Michael's legacy is being the greatest of all time (goat) and everyone in the NBA wanting to be compared to the legend.
BE LIKE MIKE - GATORADE COMMERCIAL - 50th Anniversary - Remastered //


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