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May 2, 2019

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From Tim: Auction was a great success thanks to you

I’m still coming off the high from last weekend’s Stanley Shindig. If you enjoyed the night half as much as I did, I know you had a great evening. After years of being in the gym, a tent or off campus, I loved being back in the Officer’s Club. It felt like coming home. For those who were able to attend, thank you for coming, and if you weren’t able to make it this year, I know you contributed through your donations, sponsorships and bids. A huge thank you to the auction committee who worked tirelessly alongside our Community Engagement team to create a truly unforgettable Stanley event.

The total raised is still being calculated, but it’s clear that we were able to far exceed our goal for the night, and we far outpaced any previous auction. Thanks to you, we reached the realm of “beyond all hopes and dreams” – raising somewhere north of $200,000. The focal point of the night was of course our paddle raise for Stanley’s new playground. One of the things I love about our community is that it never fails to respond to a call for support, particularly with anything related to the experience of Stanley children. Boy was that in evidence Saturday night. We had set a goal of providing the first $50,000 of what will be a $250,000 project. Thanks to the overwhelming response – both in levels of commitment and overall number of paddles lifted – we raised over $106,000 in support of new outdoor playspace. This total includes an incredibly generous $25,000 match through the Wege Family Foundation, courtesy of Andrew and Catherine Goodwillie.

It’s going to be one heck of a playground.

We’re still in the design phase of the project, and the firm we’re working with, Urban Play, has no shortage of ideas to work with, thanks to Stanley students. A couple weeks ago, we dedicated our family group session to collecting data on what students wanted most out of their new playground. We asked them to “vote” on eight different priorities – everything from playhouse concepts to sports opportunities to quiet, reflective zones. Faculty at various age groups are also providing input into how they see children in their divisions using outdoor play space, and how that space could further meet development needs. As I would expect, individual students have hardly been shy about giving their ideas directly to me. Among the suggestions that have appeared on my desk just in the last week include a treehouse, a trampoline, a Stanley Lake, and a “peting” zoo.

Stay tuned the rest of the school year as our plans for the playground continue to take shape. And, on behalf of our school community and especially our students, please accept my greatest expression of gratitude and appreciation for what you do for our school – at the auction for sure, and always. Your support makes Stanley what it is.

All the best,

Top Five Things

1. Learning Report: Read like a 6th grader

Curious what middle schoolers are reading? In the last weeks of the school year, 6th-grade students will participate in a book club during Humanities class with Learning Resource Teacher Angelina and 6th-grade Head Julie. The goal is to encourage reading of books students might not choose on their own, and that have the added appeal of sparking good conversations. Read about their reading choices in the Learning Report blog.

2. After-auction wrap-up and sale

Hundreds bid in our online auction and turned out for The Stanley Shindig – making this year’s auction one of the most successful ever! Thanks so much to the entire Stanley community. View auction-night images shot by Stanley parent Travis on vidigami… If you missed out on a buy-a-share – like a grade-level Spider Monkey, PMAC Skate-City party (May 19) or the 6-7-8 Afternoon of Inflatables on our athletic field – there are spots still open. Established bidders use your unique link; new bidders register here. And K-5 families stop in to purchase your student's photo project at the front desk in the Hambidge Commons.

3. How to treat a skinned knee

Now that it's officially shorts weather, here's a PSA to treat what can be the stickiest and trickiest raspberries and road rashes of springtime: 1) clean and wash your hands, then rinse and clean the abrasion (applying liberal amounts of wonder and admiration of the flesh wound); 2) apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment or petroleum jelly; 3) cover with a band-aid. You'll want to change that dressing a few times to keep those hands from picking.Easy as 1-2-3.

4. Why is play so important?

One of the joys of working at Stanley is collaborating with staff and teachers and students in all areas of the school on projects we all care about. The British Primary philosophical reasons for our playground renovation project were brought to life recently by Josh on our IT team. If you didn't get a chance to see it, you can get the whole story in video on why play is essential.

5. A whirlwind is coming...

Stanley Parent Association takes care of many parents needs as well as supports the social and emotional wellbeing of our teachers, staff and students. This Friday, our staff looks forward to a delicious teacher appreciation luncheon. (Thank you Stanley PA!). It's also a very busy month when PA solicits grant requests from classrooms and distributes its fundraising dollars. If you want to be involved in either of these activities, email