Tokyo, Japan

Have Fun At One Of The LAGEST Cities In The World

Tasty Tokyo

Take Your Taste Buds To A New World Of Cuisine! Some of the best places to have food are Honmoku and the amazing New Sanno Hotel. Rice and fish are one of the largest produced foods so while your in Tokyo it's a must. During dinner time sushi or udon noodles (a sticky noodle dish) is a good choice. If you have room for dessert you should try mochi a sticky rice ball with fruit or ice cream. Don't forget to try every Tokyo treat!

Cool Culture

Discover the cool culture of Tokyo. To be polite in Japan bow at a 90 degrees when you say hello or goodbye. Vending machines are every where you can buy any thing from food to phones so bring your extra cash. Calling all boys and girls May 5 is boys day and girls day is March 3. If the girls want to go shopping you might want to try on a obi. When you leave Tokyo bring the cool culture to your town.

Tokyo Tourism

Bring your family to a new world. Take your family to the most popular game in Japan, baseball. For the shoppers of the family visit Ginza. Theres also a Tokyo History Museum. For the kids there is a Tokyo Disneyland! Fun is forever when your in Tokyo!

Cool Climate

Winter In Tokyo
Cool weather is forever in Tokyo. Japan experiences tsunamis and earth quakes so its best not to go when its that season. The summers are hot and humid where as the winters are full of white snow. Cool climate never ends in the amazing world of Tokyo.

Learning Language

Learn Japanese while your in Tokyo. If your a girl add ko to the end of your name to be like the most girls born in Tokyo. Most people speak Japanese so learning key words like hello and thank you is a good idea. If you don't want to learn Japanese then some people also speak English. when your writing in Japanese you write from right to left. Don't forget your Japanese.

Large Landmarks

Discover the wonders of Tokyo. For the climbers of the family Mount Fuji is a fantastic journey. Also visit the colorful Buddhist temples which is like a church. If you want to visit their emperor you can find him at the Imperial Place. On the most historical cites is the bomb cite where America bombed to end WWII. Don't forget to visit each on of the amazing wonders.


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