An Audience with Little Lottie

Gillian and Katharine, it's your time!

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An audience with Lottie.

Saturday, Sep. 26th, 2:30pm

69 Boulevard du Mont-Boron

Nice, PACA

Despite high demand, you, yes you, have been chosen. The time has come.


2.30- arrival and formal greeting by parents and grandfather. Dress code check.

2.40pm-Scrubdown of visiting individuals to remove germs carried and bacteria

2.45pm -Distribution of expensive, valuable, gifts, with receipts, for possible Ebay action.

3pm -Guard of honour formation leading to Little Lottie. Please respect tradition, courtesy, and bow.

3.15-Light refreshments served.

3.25 Small talk

3.30-Departure of invitees.

For all your high net worth individuals reception committee organising.