Mustang Weekly

Week of September 22

Coppell Education Foundation Grants

I am excited to share that the great application window is open! Several of you have already come to share your ideas for a grant. I highly encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity provided by the Ed. Foundation.

Austin has a strong history of receiving grants, and I look forward to us continuing the tradition. If you are looking for inspiration or ideas, don't hesitate to speak to some of our previous grant recipients.

The deadline for grant applications is October 15th.

You can find the application in the email from last week or by following this link-


Interns Wanted!

That's right... Interns Wanted! We may only be an elementary school, but our learners still have lots to give and share. Check out the most recent Schoolwide Enrichment Model Smore ( In it, you'll learn about a new opportunity for our Austin learners. To actualize the ideas of the Learner/Educator section of the CISD Learning Framework and expand our work with SEM, we will now be offering internships for interested kids!

Check out the bulletin board near B Hall for more details. We can't wait to see our learners at work!

A big THANK YOU to Liz and to each educator that committed to mentoring an intern!

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Educator Websites

A tremendous amount of work goes into building the kinds of educator websites that you have created. I enjoy seeing your weekly Smores, newsletters, blog posts, and grade level Facebook updates.

In three separate parent meetings this past week, the topic of parent/teacher communication was brought up. Parents shared with me how valuable the information is that you provide through your websites and weekly publications, so please know that the time you put in is well worth it!

If you have yet to fully update your website for the new school year, please do so this week. A few items in particular that I ask you include are:

  • the "Basics" (contact info, schedule, party guidelines, Family Friday notice, etc)
  • your weekly update (Smore, newsletter, link to blog post, etc)
  • resources that you recommend (Reflex Math, flipped lesson videos, etc)

The most popular question I receive from parents is... "How do I know what to work on at home with my kids?" The information that you provide via your website/weekly newsletter is the easiest way to answer that question!

Wednesday Afternoons

We have almost completed our first cycle of Wednesday afternoon meetings (1- Faculty Meetings, 2- FedEx PD, 3- Vertical Teams, & 4- Grade Level PLCs)! I would like to give a big Shout-Out to our Content Specialists for the time they spent in preparing for our Vertical Team meetings this past Wednesdays! These ladies are doing an excellent job in advocating for their content area and helping us grow as a campus.

This coming Wednesday is our Grade Level PLC time. What does this time look like? This is a time to collaborate, design, problem-solve, and learn with your team. This is a time to plan with our support staff (Curriculum Compacting with Liz, tech integration with Yolanda, PBL research with Jodie, etc.). This is a time to disaggregate learner data and plan appropriate interventions. This is a time to design upcoming units. This is a time to share learning from Vertical Team meetings. What is this time NOT? This is not a time to run copies, catch up on emails, submit last-minute shopping orders for E-Time, etc.

I encourage you to use this uninterrupted block of time to truly collaborate with your colleagues to improve student learning! I can't wait to see where this time leads!

Week At A Glance...

  • 9:00- Lee Elementary Opening Ceremony
  • First Fire Drill- Please remember to have your Emergency Folder (including Class Roster and Red/Green cards). Leave your doors unlocked and lights out when evacuating.


  • Cooper @ Principal Meeting in A.M.


  • 4th/5th Progress Reports Grades due @ 8:00am
  • 3:30 - Grade Level PLCs


  • VIPs to the Office!
  • Enjoy your day!


  • E-Time
  • 2:00 - 5th Grade Growth & Development
  • 4th/5th Progress Reports go home

Looking Ahead...

  • 9/29 - 3:30 - Team Leader Meeting
  • 10/1 - 3:30 - FedEx (Faculty Meeting will be the following week (10/8) due to 5th Grade Pine Cove trip)
  • 10/1-10/3 - 5th Grade @ Pine Cove

Morning Announcements

Featured Class - Schulz

Life Principle
- Courtesy

Quote- "Politeness costs nothing and gains everything." -Lady Mary Montague

Healthy Tip- Try to get at least 3 colors on your plate at every meal.