Weekend Update

March 9, 2015

"It doesn't mean much to me"

That is the quote from Sophie Brunner, 2013 Aquin Alum, of being named one of 15 players to the 'All-Pac-12'. And for those who know her, you wouldn't expect anything else.

But is kind of a big deal . . . as she's now 1 of only 2 NIC-10, NUIC or Big Northern West player named first-team all-conference in the last 20 years in either men's or women's basketball by one of the five major college conferences (Big Ten, ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 or Big East). The other player named to this team is her Sun Devils Assistant Coach Amanda Levens from Belvidere.
Read the 'rest of the story' in the Journal Standard here.


The Big Picture from Friday

We can't say it any better than Dan Stevens of the Village Voices . . .

"In any tight ball game, the sad thing is that one team has to lose. Both squads played their hearts out, and nothing could be taken away from the effort on the court other than respect. The foolish will probably complain about calls that went against their team, or the fact that a call was made so late in the game at all - but they would be missing the point entirely.

What was important to take away from the Sectional final between Aquin and Forreston wasn't who won or lost - because that only amounts to numbers on a scoreboard that - especially in this contest - could have gone either way. No, the important thing to notice was how well - and how hard - both teams played.

This was the perfect example of what Championship High School basketball should be."

Thank you, Dan.

And thank you gentlemen (players, coaches and managers) for an awesome season and an awesome display of sportsmanship on and off the court.

To read 'the rest of the story', click here or pick up a copy in print at newsstands on Tuesday.

Congrats Aiden!

Before the big game on Friday, the County Companies 3-Point Shoot-Out was held at Eastland. The top 4 shooters from this round advanced to the State Finals in Peoria on Thursday and Friday. Aiden Chang made 10 of 15 to earn a berth to the State level of competition.

Good Luck at State, DAWG!

"Thank you Coach!"

Another article in the Village Voices (online now and in newsstands and mailboxes on Tuesday) reflects on the accomplishments of the Aquin Bulldogs under the direction of Coach Rich Chang over the past 9 years--and looks to the future.

Dan ends the story with this sentiment:
" . . . there is really only one response that everyone - and I do mean everyone - should make ...

Thank you coach."

We couldn't agree more.

And Thank You Coaches!

Once again, three of the Aquin Girls' Basketball Coaches worked the Country Companies 3-Point Shoot-Out on Friday night at Eastland. They have become somewhat of a fixture at the Sectional and State Tourney rounds in the past few years. From left to right:
  • Jeff Curry, Class of 1978
  • John Scibona, Class of 1971
  • Doral Reining, Class of 1987
Thank you for representing Aquin well--as coaches and as Aquin Alumni!
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