Parents In Youth Sports

The Big Question

What is the best way to support and encourage your kids with out going over the line in youth sports?

What type of parent are you?

If you say things like "get the ball! Shoot the ball! Come on ref!" You are the Voice Command Parent

If you yell things like "It's ok buddy. I still love you!" You are the Positive Cheer Leader

There is also the Competitive Guy

The Loud Cheerer

The Blamer

The Insulter

The Tailgaters

And The Jerk



1.Approximately 40 million kids play youth sports in America

2. About half the kids say that staying in hotels and having the long rides with their parents are the best parts of youth travel sports.


Ways to find out you are turning into a bad parent.

Are you bringing your kids down with too high expectations? Are you feeling like you lost when your kid lost? Do you feel that if you spend more money on better equipment then your kid will be better.