Ancient Greek Sporting

Taking a look at Greek's past!

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Chariot Racing

One of the earliest features of the ancient Olympics in ancient Greece was chariot racing. There were two types of races. One was the two-horse chariot race and the other was the four-horse chariot race. The total distance around the stadium track was one mile or twelve laps. For the race that was drawn by a team of two mules. Unfortunately you must be wealthy to afford the equipment, training, and food for the horses. There were also different races fir adult horses and foals. These races would of occurred mostly in the 400's BC.


Olympia in ancient Greece had running as another sport located there. There were two different types of running in track. One was sprinting and the other was long distance. Olympia had four types of races. one of the oldest event of the games was the stadion. The runners who participated in this race would sprint for one stade which is the same as one hundred and ninety two miles.


Boxing was one of the more violent sports in ancient Greece. Boxing back then was different then modern day boxing because there were fewer rules and no rule against attacking an opponent when he was down Ancient boxing wasn't set up like modern day boxing because the weight of the opponent didn't matter. There was no weight class. There was only a men a boy division ans the boxers didn't choose their opponents because their opponents were chosen for them. They would also wrap their hands with leather thongs called himantes instead of using gloves which they didn't have at the time. When boxers would use the himantes they would them around their hands. It would cover two of their fingers. Boxers would be made fun of by Plato because he would call the the folk with battered ears. Boxing was one of the popular Olympic sports inthe 400's BC.


Another type of tackling and fighting related sport in america was wrestling. Wrestling back then in the 400's BC was similar to the modern sport because the athlete needed to throw their opponent on the ground in order to win. But to have a fair win, your opponent had to land on his hip, shoulder, or back when he was thrown to the ground. Breaking your opponents was allowed. You needed to throw your opponent to the ground a total of three times.