Ghetto Cowboy

book project by :Raygen Wilcox

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Summary of the book

This book is about Cole (or Coltrane) as his mom drives him from Detroit to Philadelphia. He has gotten in trouble in school, again, and she just can’t handle Cole anymore. She drives him to Philly to meet his dad, Harper, for the first time. Cole is angry with his mom for sending him and is also trying to figure out what kind of person he is. Cole has shove horse poo everyday. But one day the city threaten to shut down the stables and take away the horses. Cole does not know what to do so cole thinks if a way to get the horses and fight back.


The main setting of this book is Philadelphia. Present time.

Main Characters

Cole or Coltrane,Harper, Boo, smush,


The conflict of the story is person v.s society because the cowboys try to keep the stables open for the kids and community. The city trys to close down the community and build houses.
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Cole has been really bad in school and his mom cant take care of him anymore.Cole's mom drops him off in the middle Philly. Cole does not know where he is and sees horses and run down builds.

Rising Action

Cole meets his dad. Cole trys to runaway but he doesn't . But, one day it rains really bad and everything in the stables is all mess.The next day people of the city say the have to shut down.


The turning point of the story is the city trys to shut down the community. But,Cole Fights back by his self. Harper gives up but the day they has to shut down Harper gives all he can.

Falling Action

Harper has to go to court to see if they get the land. But,they clean up the land and build new stables.


cole's mother comes back for Cole .Harper doesn't know she is there. Cole only gets to stays for the summer and stay in Detroit for the school year.

book compare by The Bully

The Ghetto Cowboy and The Bully are kinda the same. They both take place in Philadelphia. Cole and Darrell both different move to state.They both go though hard time and rough time in there lives.