Looking Forward

SVDP End-of-the-Year Agenda 2016-2017

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A Teacher's Prayer...


Enable me to teach with WISDOM, for I help to shape the mind.

Equip me to teach with TRUTH, for I help to shape the conscience.

Encourage me to teach with VISION, for I help to shape the future.

Empower me to teach with LOVE, for I help to shape the world.

I didn't know that...

Share one thing that no one knows about you.

Teacher as Creator

Liturgical Elements-Mass, Prayer, Service

School Year-Long Theme

Brainstorm ideas based on the School-wide Learning Expectations for our school year-long theme.


Looking to the new school year, what can you imagine modifying in the current weekly schedule to make the rotations (Spanish, Art, Music, IT, P.E., drama) even more beneficial for our students? What additional areas of study can you imagine being offered for our students?

WalkAbouts, Field Trips, and Outdoor Learning...oh my!

  • Coordinated outdoor learning days between grade bands and teacher teams
  • Experience crosses over more than one curricular area
  • Reflective element that allows students to express what was experienced, make connections, and build on existing knowledge


Grade Band expectations and proficiencies--

Brainstorm apps that you have used as a teacher to support instruction and apps students have utilized in the classroom to support learning.

SVDP Technology apps

Teacher Mentors

New staff members will need to lean on you for support and guidance!

Staff shirts and Jean Days

Summer Learning

Apple Teacher

During the summer visit the APPLE TEACHER website and earn badges toward becoming a certified Apple Teacher. When we return for the new school year we will have the opportunity to share what we learned and what we plan to implement in the classroom.

Anything else?