1984 Free Write


" The party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power." This means that without power you have nothing. The Party has all the power which is why they are able to keep the Proles unconscious of their true power. The Proles don't even know that they have power to change things and make a difference in the society. The Party knows that without their power they too will become nothing. So they hold on to their power and care about nothing else. Under any circumstances of other people, they will do whatever it takes to have power. I think this way of thinking is true in all humans, with power humans would soon learn that they can abuse their power. For example, in the video in class the guards found ways to abuse their power by abusing the prisoners. For the simple fact that they could with power over them. For this reason, Today our government has a President who has a great deal of power however it is restricted. He can not control everything himself and make all the decisions. The branches of government and house of representatives are put into place to take away some of the power from the president. This way he doesn't abuse his power or dictate America. This is why power is so important to the Party, and why it is taken away from the Proles.