We Appreciate You Kellie Sue

By: Charlotte Scott

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1- What Kellie Sue Does For Me
  • Chapter 2- Memories
  • Chapter 3- Funny Moments
  • Conclusion
  • Author's Note

What Kellie Sue Does For Me

HI Kellie Sue, I thought one of my paragraphs should be about some things you do for us. Here I go (there's so many things). The first one to say is that you take us out for ice cream a lot and thank you a lot but we mean much more thank you. Next, I wanted to say that you ALWAYS buy me, Sydney, Jordan and Mommy birthday and Christmas presents. I love the hedge hog you got me, I'm obsessed. I also, really love those black yoga pants you got me with the purple sparkly tank top. I really do love all the clothes you got me. One of the last thousand things that you done for us is that you clean our house all the time. I'm really appreciative of that is mom, A LOT. I try to clean my room and you help but 5 minutes later a pair of Sydney's clothes are on the ground. Well, what I'm trying to say is that THANK YOU KELLIE SUE!!!


The first memory we ever had "haaaa". I remember the first time we met, I was hiding behind a chair in the living room, the seat covers weren't on yet. I was in kindergarten. I love that i was scared/shy to go up to you and now I'm telling you all my personal things. OH YEAH, then remember the time when we were with the Guthries ( I don't know if I spelled their last name right) and you took us to the beach and we had fried dough ( yummm). Then, when we were don you let us go on the playground. That time was SOOO much fun. Well, that's two out of A LOT of memories we had.

Funny Moments

Okay, okay, okay while I was typing this I was laughing really hard. Do you remember the time you saw a really big spider in our house and you creamed SO loud I can't even tell you.
The funny thing is that the spider wasn't even that big. You almost collapsed on the ground. :0- HA HA HA. Also, remember when I was in the pool and I was showing you my Avenger poses as I jumped in to the pool. Unless, you don't remember that. Anyways, those were some funny moments. PEACE OUT

You Are There For Me

Do you remember the time when I fell and got hurt. You comforted me and made me feel better. I would totally do that for you and I mean TOTALLY, but... you never get hurt. Then, even if I fell you would come running to me even if I was COMPLETELY fine. OH YEAH, I wanted to say really badly, I really love you and without you I don't know what my life would be like. I'm saying this right now because this is my last paragraph , not including my conclusion. I love you, BYE!!!


You buy me ice cream, get me birthday presents and Christmas presents. Then, you create these AMAZING memories with me that I will never forget. Next, you create these HILARIOUS "jokes" with me that I will never let you forget, Lastly best of all, you're ALWAYS there for me and I will NEVER let that go. I love you to the moon and back except ten times more.

Author's Note

OK, so I guess this is sort of like a second conclusion and all but I don't really care. I made this "essay" because I feel like Kellie Sue does a lot for me and this is sort of like a present to her. I grew up with Kellie Sue kindergarten to 4th grade and so on. Kellie Sue is like a second mom to me. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Oh and one last thing I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU!!!!!