Great Garcia

" Stars don't shine without darkness "

Samantha Garcia

Samantha Garcia has 13 she was born on March 16 ,2003.She was born in El Paso Texas. She goes to a school named Garcia Enrique's middle school which is Gems she is an 8th grader. Her favorite color is turquoise. She has three brothers one has 25 ,23, and 8.There names are Also ,Misael and Alan.Her oldest brother alonso is married and her other brother has a baby, the Alan is in 3 rd grade. Sometimes her brother annoy her but she still likes them. Samantha likes to play with his brothers. She has a dad and mom there dad name is Emiterio and her mom is Yadira. Her dad works on construction. She has a dog called Tutsy she is a pug.Samantha also have a bunny called cookies. Samantha likes to cook dinner for her family on Saturdays when her brothers come.Her favorite chef is Bobby Flay. Samantha also likes to make cupcakes and all sort of desserts. Samantha has sell cupcakes for fun and she sells cupcakes that what she douse for fun.She likes to play basketball. Samantha favorite season is winter because that's were Christmas come from . Samantha loves to do snow mans and throw snow balls to her brothers. Samantha likes that her family is together on Christmas eve. She loves the food that her family makes for Christmas.

Samantha hero

Samantha hero is her mom she is always there when she need her shes is always there. On the ceremony that Samantha has or competition her mom is always there to support her.Even though she has things to do Samantha mom always has food prepared when he comes from school and she is the best cook . That's were Samantha got the Technic to be a chef for her career. Her mom gives her advice about life that can help her later on. Samantha hero is her mom because when she fells physically and mentality she is always there for her.

Samantha Garcia Favorite Song

Her favorite song is "beautiful thing" by Grace Vanderwaal. She likes that song because it tells how her sister is a beautiful thing by always being with her. Grace tells how her sister is her half she understands her and that she founds something good from any problem and that she would get out of it no mater what. On the song it tells that" we can found the rainbow hop in the sky you said don't you hide its all gana be alright " Samantha can connect to this story because that her her mom.


What she would like to sell is a bracelet that people can put any words that made them fill special or that it reminds them of something happy. That bracelet will mean allot for them just like how it means to me. It can be a quote that means allot to you or a present to somebody special that you would like them to remember you by .

Samantha favorite thing from GEMS

What she likes from gems is that it gives a really good education. GEMS give a lot of opportunities for a career like engineering. The sports that they have like cheer leading basketball volleyball soccer. The school Samantha goes to is one of the best in town but they coud not done it without the a some teachers at GEMS.


I like this quote because when things happen and you think you are alone or depressed there always something good from what happen. You will experience something that other people wouldn't experience of life. Always look for something good if it is dark look for stars and if its raining look for rainbows. There is something good about all of this, stars are beautiful and can only be seen on night and rainbows only when it rains. You could get a experience of life that might hurt at first but is for you're right and will learn a valuable lesson.