Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

May 9-13

6th Grade

Monday and Tuesday students worked on typing and formatting their nonfiction Teen Activist book.

On Wednesday we celebrated the hard work that the students have been doing in writing all year, and especially on this book. Students did a modified version of a gallery walk. They took some time to read classmate's books and give some feedback on them. Students gave a compliment and a suggestion. We call them a "glow" and a "grow". With this information in hand, the students made a valid point in asking if they could take the feedback and improve their papers before they are to be graded. I thought it was a great idea and moved the deadline to Friday. Their revision work was to be done outside of class.

Thursday we moved on to the next part of our project and started to sketch out a presentation for their books. We talked about how a presentation slide should have minimal wording and a visual. These rough drafts will be due before they leave class on Monday.

On Friday the 6th grade STAR tested in Reading. Ask your child how they scored.

The next phase of this project, which I mentioned above, is for the students to present their books. I like to think of it as a highlight reel. We are going to be mixing up our subgroups on Teen Activism so that in each presentation there is a representative from each subgroup in the class. Even though students will be put into groups to present, they will be graded individually.

We are on a tight timeline with the end of the year closing in on us. With that being said, if your child is not done with their rough drafts on Monday, they will be in a group by themselves. The students will be presenting to the class on Friday, May 20. I understand if your child is ill- I will be happy to accommodate them. However, if they are not ready to present on May 20, their grade will be a 0 with no chance to make it up.

7th Grade

This week we did a project with Mrs. Doucette's 7th Grade Language Arts class. We thought it would be fun for the classes to be able to interact with one another.

The students picked a partner and one of our predetermined topics: mobile phones, reality TV, bullying, video games, animal testing, social media, and body image. Once they picked a topic, we flipped a coin to determine which groups were pros and which were cons.

Each day the students were to fill out an exit ticket. By the end of the week, the students had written an argumentative paper through their exit tickets. I think the students enjoyed the change of pace.

We took a time out from this project on Wednesday to STAR test. Ask your child how they scored.

Wednesday was also the day that the rough draft was due. Those grades will be in Skyward next week.