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Fundraising US$6,500 for Girls' Education:

Running 26 Miles/42km (twice!) to Keep 26 Girls in School Across the Developing World

Previously I've raised $5000 and hope to raise an additional $1500 for my 2nd marathon to reach my $6500 overall goal. Learn more about the amazing organization Room to Read here.

Donate to Room to Read at the link directly below or contact me personally to pass your donation online.

Through brief teaching experiences across 6 countries, I fully believe education has the potential to eradicate some of our world's biggest problems - illiteracy, gender inequality, poverty, corruption, etc. Yet one of many heartbreaking statistics reveal reality beyond the spirit of kids playing in the streets and the fortitude of young girls pulled out of school by their families:

42% of girls in developing countries are not enrolled in education.

Economics, cultural bias, and gender discrimination often exclude girls from educational opportunities in the developing world. Yet educating girls is a powerful and effective investment to address global poverty.

171 million could be lifted out of poverty if all children in low-income countries left school with basic reading skills.

The risks of ignoring this issue are staggering. Currently, of the 793 million illiterate people in our world, 2/3 are girls and women. If each of those 500 million women has 4 children, an additional 2 billion children will grow up without an educated mother. A child born to a literate woman is twice as likely to survive past age five.

Room to Read is an amazing organization working hard to bring access of education to all. In addition to publishing books in local languages, building schools and the first libraries in thousands of communities, Room to Read works closely with local communities to fund long-term education of young girls. To date, this program has provided material support (fees, materials, textbooks, uniforms, transportation) and support services (tutoring, female mentorship, life skills training, medical checkups) to nearly 20,000 girls across Asia and Africa.

Learn about one girl's extraordinary story from Nepal:

And plenty more stories of Room to Read's impact:

Room to Read's Girls Education Program page:

My Fundraising Effort+What You Can Do

I invite you to join me in my endeavor to take on a challenge (again!) that is both personal & philanthropic: running my 2nd full marathon while fundraising for a cause I'm passionate about.

Please join me in supporting Room to Read's investment in our future generations. In addition to volunteering for them in Chicago in 2011, I set an ambitious goal to fund a year of education per each of the 26 miles (42km) I ran in the Chicago Marathon. That's 26 girls x $250 each for materials, tools, and support to keep her in school another year and complete her education. $6,500 will directly change the lives of 3-4 girls each in Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, & Zambia. From donations, checks, and corporate matching gifts, I had raised $5000, enough to keep 20 girls in school!

However, $5000 is not $6500. 20 girls does not meet my goal of educating and supporting 26.

While I completed the Chicago Full Marathon in October 2011, I will continue fundraising to enable 1 girl to attend school, per each 1 mile I ran. My goal is to raise the remaining $1500 by the time I run my second marathon, this time in Hong Kong on Feb 24, 2013.

Whether it's $1, $10, or $50, every donation will help open the doors of opportunity for more girls, their families, communities, and countries.

Consider donating today: Please also forward this flyer to anyone who may be interested in supporting this cause. The more support we have, the more lives we'll impact!

"World Change Starts with Educated Children"

A Look Back at 2012

Thank you so much for all your support!!