California drought getting worse!

Rachel Teeter

Water for life

On Earth, where there is so much water, there is still a shortage. Water is the basis of all life on earth, and every single living thing needs it, but while there is so much, not all of is usable. Only 2% of the water on earth is freshwater(water we can use) and even most of that is frozen in the poles or used for agriculture needs and is not accessible to humans. ⅔ of the earths water is in the oceans, and even though humans need SOME salt, the high salt content of the ocean water could cause death. The earths population goes up, but the water amount goes down, and a lot of the water is being lost due to human waist. The water shortage is causing conflict between countries, and global warming and different chemicals are polluting our small amount of water. If nothing is done, life could cease to exist.

Pressuring Water Out Of California

Scientists have been struggling to find an explanation for the huge California drought that has been raging for three years in a row, and they finally have an answer that explains it all. According to the scientists, there is a mass of high air pressure blocking storms from going to California. It is a huge problem because the winter storms are a big supplier for California. Which means that without them, California suffer a lot.

Farms crashing and burning due to Drought

California is known for growing 50% of the US fruits, veggies, and nuts, but without water, many farmers aren't able to grow anything. The whole US is suffering from this drought. Right now, everyone is having to dig a lot deeper to reach water. They are able to get some farms to keep running, but not near enough without the easily accessible water.

Natural Solution or Natural Disaster

Because this is a Natural drought, the only way for the drought to be solved is for the pressure to subside and even if California only gets a few storms, it will help a lot. But for now, the reservoir is empty and the lakes and rivers are doing little to help. So all we can do is hope that the pressure eases up and allows at least a few rain storms in, or else the drought with get worse.