VCR Lesson 5 Presentation

Carlie Smith

Fill in the blank with the most apporpriate word from lesson 5

During the late 19th and early 20th century, heavy immgration from eastern Europe allowed for new immgrants to become a ___________ source of labor in American factories and railrods.


adj. Superior in number, force, power or importance.

Other definitions:

1. having superior weight, force, or influence.

2. having greater prevelance.


1. n. Preponderance- VCR

2. v. Proponderate- VCR

3. n. Preponderancy

4. t.v Preponder


  • Pendo, pendere, pependi, pensum <L. "to cause to hang down," "to weigh"
  • Pondero, ponderare, ponderavi, ponderatum <L. "to weigh"
  • Pre<L. "before"

HIstory: Stems from 1650-1660 from the Latin orgins it was originally a stem of the word "praepnderans"


1. Dominent

2. Overpowering

3. Superior

4. Overidding

5. Supreme


1. Subordinate

2. Uninfluential

3. Irrelevant

4. Weak

5. Unimportant

Real World Examples

1. Google in the market of search engines is an example of being preponderant because it owns sixty percent of the market share. With this power they are able to control the price of the market for the rest of the smaller firms that they compete with it.

2. Rice in Chinese culture is an example of being preponderant. Rice is one of the largest staples in chinese cuisine because of southern China's subtropical climate which allows for rice plantations to thrive. Since rice is able to be grown efficiently it's proven to the used in the greatest number over other carbohydrates such as wheat.

3. In America, Christianity is the preponderate religion. With 70.6% of Americans polling that they identified as "Christians" they clearly outnumber the other percentage of Americans that are Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc. Many historians attribute Christianity's size all the way back to the protestant reformation, when many immigrated to America from the Catholic church in the 16th century.

Circle the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-face type is used incorrectly

1. Democracy behaves as a preponderance because of its overwhelming size and influence in other countries.

2. Within China, rice is the preponderant staple food.

3. America has a preponderant army over other countries because of its large budget to aid in supplies and weaponry.

4. The boys are the preponderance gender in class.
The correct answer is 4. because preponderance is a noun and in the sentence it's acting as an adjective.