Real-World Application

Things you've learned that you'll use throughout your life.


You'll use spreadsheets in a job where you need to keep numbers, names, money, etc., well organized and looking nice.

Spreadsheets become really helpful with numbers. If you know how to use it, you can set it to automatically do the math for you, if needed.

You will also use spreadsheets in making a list of names, like if you're a teacher and you want a list of all your students' names, you can use a spreadsheet to keep it all organized.


Presentations such as slide shows, word documents, google docs, etc., is a good thing to learn how to use in a high school class like English. You present a lot in English up in front of the class so using one of these options, is a really great way to make your presentation look great!


Learning about the material of certain computers is really good to learn for future jobs. You'd be really surprised with how many jobs use computers. Knowing how to use certain Softwares and Desktops is a really impressive thing to a boss.