Abraham Lincoln


Genre Biography

Published Bk Publishing, Inc. January 3, 2005

ISBN 978-0-7566-0834-7

Written Tanya Lee Stone

Abraham Lincoln Review

Dear Mrs.Miller, I'm coming to you today with review of a book

Abraham Lincoln life's story in a book by Tanya Lee Stone it was so great how the author worked every detail of Abraham's life like including his late mother's name and how their family built their own houses out of logs which took them period on an entire year with a family of 6 to feed. Abraham had a very rough childhood because his mother died of milk sickness which came from cows that ate a poisoned herbs of grass. When I first this book i fell in love with because it is so well written has every fact and details on abraham's life and that he had a brother named tomes that only lived for of few days he died of SIDS. But what I loved the most about his book is how abraham Lincoln Overcame a Enormous hole in childhood life. But was great about this book is that all of his obstacles nevers stopped him from becoming president.

What I learned about our 16th president's life that everything you want will be handed to you beauce Abraham Lincoln had to work very hard to achieve the goals and desires he wanted had to work hard to free hi siblings and take care of them. I believe I chose Abraham Lincoln because i've read about him in the past and I wanted know what his life was like during his very rough childhood. Abraham Lincoln's story was truly and with no doubt worth telling his life taught many like to pursue your goals and to never give up on you lifes dreams and most important always help your family first before yourself. What we can also learn about ourselves from reading this book .

I am going compar Abraham lincoln's life to my father because when Lincoln was only 7 his mother died of milk sickness unlike my father's father my dada was thn year old when he lso this after his father died from murder when he was robbed at his store in new york city. Im comparing both of these two people but what's important about the comparing with my grandfather and Abraham is htta they both faced obstacles when one of their parents had died in the their early childhood and after my grandfather died my father became a very trustworthy,honest, hardworking man that cares for his family and friends. But both my dad and Lincoln turned into very strong men that never gave up on what they knew was right a no matter the circumstances they always were able to choose the right path for themselves and family.

Sincerely, Michael Rodriguez