The Universe

By: Jack Schmitz

Our Goal

As the first Commercial space business, we intend to bring normal passenger just you to visit the mysteries of the universe. Plus, you can purchase multiple discount packages. To see more see store for details. ( If you are going to space, we know the place )

The Big Picture

Galaxies ( Included in Big Wonders Pack )

You can go see galaxies, galaxies are systems of billions or millions of stars along with dust and gas held together by gravity. For the low price we can fly you all the way out of the Milky Way to see all the different types of galaxies. There are three, the Spiral Galaxy which is has a small centered disk at the middle with long spiral arm which consist of Nebula and newly formed stars. The Elliptical Galaxy witch looks a lot like a large ball of white light, or the Irregular Galaxies. Irregular Galaxies are giant beautiful places with nebula of all colors, they also have no apparent shape and vary through the universe.

Star Clusters ( Included in Big Wonders Pack )

However, if you want to go even smaller, we can fly you to go see star clusters. Clusters are a group of star that share a similar origin and are held together by gravity. There are only two types of star clusters globular and open. Globular Clusters are tightly packed groupings of older cooler stars located on the outskirts of galaxies usually white in color. While as Open Clusters are less tightly packed and usually consist of younger hotter stars that are blue in color.

Nebula ( Included in Big Wonders Pack )

Another popular attraction is a Nebula. Nebula's are large clouds of dust and gas held together by gravity. There are also two types of nebula we visit the planetary and stellar. Stellar Nebula's are clouds of dust and gas with a lush collage of colors where star are made. Planetary Nebula's are completely different, they are beautiful shells of gas that surround a star near the end of its life cycle.

Supernova ( Included in Majestic Mysteries Pack )

But, if that doesn't amaze you, we also offer rare chance to view a live Supernova. Supernova's are giant explosions when massive stars collapse and throw their outer layer out into open space creating a fascinating sight that no one can discard.

Red Giant ( Included in Small Stuff Pack )

A Red Giants are also a great destination. Red Giants are large reddish ball of gas that is very bright and fuse hydrogen into helium. And is in a late stage of its life cycle.

Red Super Giants ( Included in Small Stuff Pack )

Next up on the list are Red Super Giants. Red Super Giants are similar to Red Giants they are large spherical balls of gas burn hydrogen into helium. However, they can be hundreds of times large than Red Giants and are much brighter.

White Dwarf Star ( Included in Small Stuff Pack )

And, while you are on vacation you can see a White Dwarf. White Dwarf's are small, hot, dim stars and are the leftover center of an old star after a Planetary Nebula has occurred. So, looking at this phenomenon literately looking at the center of an a star.

Black Dwarf ( Included in Small Stuff Pack )

If you want to go later on into the star life cycle, you will want to see the Black Dwarf. Black Dwarf's are the next form beyond the White Dwarf, it happens when the a White Dwarf cools and loses energy and turns black.

Neutron Star ( Included in Small Stuff Pack )

Another one of our popular exhibits is a Neutron Star. Neutron Stars form after a Supernova occurs, and the star collapses under gravity to the point where electrons and protons fuse together to form neutrons.

Main Sequence Star

You can also see main sequence stars. Main sequence stars are classified as stars on the H-R diagram where most average stars lie, they are found in the diagonal patter that run through the middle of the diagram.

Black Holes ( Included in Majestic Mysteries Pack )

For this next attraction you will not want to get too close, it's a Black Hole. Black Holes are black objects so massive and dense that not even light can escape its gravity. They have also been know to swallow entire stars and no one really knows where it leads.

Quasar ( Included in Majestic Mysteries Pack )

Next, you can see our newest exhibit, the Quasar. A Quasar is a very bright star-like object that generates energy at a high rate, and are theorized to be the most distant objects in the universe. These majestic objects are also incredibly dense and have a large gravitational field which pulls nearby stars.