Charles de Montesquieu by Sarah and William Penn by Nayely

Charles de Montesquieu

1. When and Where
  • Charles was born on January 18, 1689 in Bordeaux, France.
  • He died on February 10,1755 in Paris, France.
  • He was 66 years old.
2. Charles Himself
  • He was a French Philosopher.
  • He wrote the famous book The Spirit of the Laws.
  • His book helped the Americans write the Constitution of the United States of America.
3. His Thoughts
  • Charles believed in "all thing human,natural,and divine.
  • If people followed in what he believed it would " ease the ills of society and improve life".

" It is always the adventurous who accomplish great things."
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William Penn

1. Personal Information
  • William Penn was born on October 14,1644 in London.
  • In 1667 at age of 23 he moved to Ireland,which he became a quaker because of Thomas Loe.
  • In 1693 William wrote 2 great works called "An Essay Towards the President" and "Future Peace of Europe"
  • Founder of Pennsylvania
  • William Penn died in 1718 at age 74.

2.His Beliefs

  • He believed in religious freedom and the rights of individuals to work as they pleased.
  • Penn wrote a piece of information in 1668 called "No Cross,No Crown" explaining a Quakers beliefs.
  • When Penn found Pennsylvania he promised to the Quakers that they will have cheap land and freedom of religion.

3.Impacted History

  • March 4,1681 William Penn was granted land between New York and Maryland.
  • The land between the states is called Pennsylvania.
  • He drew up a frame of govt. for his colony. (this probably have influenced the constitution of U.S.)
  • When Penn died Pennsylvania was handle by his 2nd wife, Hannah Callowhill, and his colonial secretary, James Logan.

4.Interesting Facts

  • Pennsylvania stands for Penn's wood.
  • He was married before he married Hannah Callowhill but his first wife died.
  • He was mostly in jail because he use to be troublemaker, plus he use to always stand for what he believed in.
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