Lou Gehrig

By: Maxx Hassenger

The impact that Lou Gehrig had on U.S. history.

What Lou Gehrig was best known for outside of baseball history, the disease he had that killed him and still kills people today. This had a huge impact because even though it was 72 years ago, it still is effective. After he died they named the disease after him, it's now called "Lou Gehrig's Disease." Before it was known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Birth Date & Death Date

Lou Gehrig was born in New York on June 19th, 1901 and died on June 2nd 1941

Intresting Fact

Lou Gehrig was known as the "IRON HORSE." What that means is that he had played more games in a row than any other player in major league history. It was later broken by Cal Ripken Jr.