Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle of Solvenia

Predjama Castle History

Predjama Castle is located in South Central Slovenia ( a country in Europe). But, Predjama Castle is not just any ordinary castle, Predjama Castle is built within a cave mouth! It is located within a cave mouth to make it difficult to access but there is a secret passageway leading through a shaft in the rock. For more then 700 years it has perched proudly on its 123-meter cliff. The castle was probably built in the 12th century, but was first mentioned in the year 1274 with the German name Luegg. Predjama castle is a renaissance castle and it was a family estate of Knight Erazem, who named it in rough translation from the Latin Cave Castle in the Karst, the castle's Slovene name, Predjamski grad means "Castle in front of the cave". It was built in Gothic style on natural, protected site approachable, with difficulty, from just one side.

Predjama Castle - "The Haunted Castle"

A castle built within a cave, now that is brilliant in terms of defense and offense. In Slovenia, Predjama Castle is known to date back to at least 1274. Legend says that this passage allowed a knight named Erazem Lueger to collect food from a neighbouring village while his castle was under siege. Erazem Lueger was a bit like Robin Hood, he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Unfortunately, he was killed after a bribed servant signalled to the soldiers when Erazem was using the castle’s facilities and a strategically aimed canon was fired. In the 15th century, a renowned robber baron fled the revenge of the Holy Roman Emperor and settled his family in this castle fortress. There ensued a long siege in which the castle was destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1511 before being destroyed by an earthquake. The castle was once again rebuilt in 1567 and has a secret natural shaft that leads out of the castle for supplies as well as when the robber baron needed a quick in and out for his robberies. With at least 700 years of violent history, Predjama Castle is said to be extremely haunted.

Who Was Knight Erazem Lueger?

Erazem Lueger was a knight of Predjama Castle in the 15th century and a renowned robber baron. Erazem was the son of the Imperial Governor of Trieste, Nikolaj Lueger. According to legend, in 1483 he killed Marshall Pappenheim at the Vienna Court during an argument in which Pappenheim had offended the honor of Erazem's friend, Andrej Baumkircher of Vipava. However Pappenheim was a relative of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick lll so he fled to his castle Predjama to escape punishment. He then allied himself with the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus and started to attack Habsburg estates and towns in Carniola. Emperor Fredrick III sent the governor of Trieste Gaspar Ravbar to siege Predjama Castle. Ravbar tried to starve Erazem to death but Erazem seemed to have an unlimited supply of fresh food. Later it was known that Erazem had gotten his fresh food supply through a secret passage through the caves. After a long siege Erazem was betrayed by one of his men and was killed by a shot from a cannon.

Knight Erazem Lueger :

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