Chapter 1 section 2 By:Zach M. unique f.

Naturalization Process

1-Sign a statement saying they want to be a citizen, 2-After 5 years and if they are at least 18 they can file for an application, 3-after paper work is checked they have a interview, then 4-they take a exam, 5- they then attend a ceremony and pledge allegiance to the country, 6- they signed a document after to become a citizen.

Loss of Citizenship

Denaturalization- fraud or deception during the naturalization process.

Expatriation- if you become a citizen of a different country.

Punishment by crime-treason etc.

What is a illegal and legal alien and what can they do?

illegal- people that stay in a country after their permits expire.

legal- A resident alien that has become a permeant in the country, and they can live in that country.