Public Services Academy

At Coppell High School

Mission Statement

Our mission in the Public Services Academy at Coppell High School is to build an innovative, ethical, and global citizen that will provide leadership, professionalism and service-mindedness to their chosen career in the field of education or medicine.

The PSA Experience

The academy is highly engaging, promotes higher level thinking, and offers experience in high skill/ high performing careers. The academy will focus on education and medicine with core subjects to create engagement, relative career connections for students, and deliver all instruction at the Level 3 and 4. The purpose of the Public Services Academy is to create the following experiences:

  • prepare students for global opportunities in educational and medical careers.
  • personalize the high school experience and provide opportunities that will make students highly marketable for college acceptance.

Program Overview

Education: The curriculum provides students with background knowledge of child and adolescent development principles as well as principles and methods of effective teaching. Students work under the joint supervision of a high school teacher and an elementary or middle school teacher at their field-site.

Medical: The curriculum is specialized to meet global variability in the field of medicine. Students develop professional skills to communicate effectively through a variety of mediums as well as learn skills that are specific to many medical disciplines. These skills will culminate with their medically focused curriculum, clinical observations and certifications.


Community partnerships play an integral role in the success of academy students by providing practical work experiences.

Courses Offered

  • PSA Courses:
  1. Education:
  • 9th: Principals of education, training and development
  • 10th: Technology integration in education
  • 11th: Practicum in education and training I
  • 12th: Practicum in education and training II

2. Health-Care:

  • 9th: Principals and terminology of health science or sports medicenes
  • 10th: Health science technology I
  • 11th: Health science technology II
  • 12th: Certified nurse assistant, pharmacy technician