Team Third Grade

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, & Mrs. Frye

October 10, 2019


For the month of September our third graders won the whole school eagle feather award. This means they met their goals in art, music, and phy ed. Congratulations 3rd graders! Last week they had a bonus recess to celebrate. We are so proud of their collective effort to follow our BE STATEMENTS:

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Kind

Be Respectful

Language Workshop

We have read and unpacked a book entitled One Smile by Cindy McKinley which seamlessly connected our readers to our next unit theme which is relationships. Our new essential question is: How are people transformed through relationships?

As we moved into this study, we took on the challenge to put into motion the lessons we were learning through the books we were unpacking and analyzing together. The students generated suggestions on what we could do in our classroom and school community to make a positive impact each day.

Reader's Workshop

In Reader’s Workshop, we are presently focusing on word attack skills, which will help the readers through difficulty, including using known words and parts of words to help tackle challenging words. We are focusing on the following topics:

  • Strategies to decode tricky words

  • Strategies for figuring out the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases

  • Strategies for monitoring for meaning and for thinking while reading

  • Ways to read and talk about books with partners or in groups

Word Work:

An effective way to learn to spell a word is to use the “Look, say, name, cover, write, check” strategy.

  1. Look at the word and get a picture of it in your head.

  2. Say the word.

  3. Name the letters in the word.

  4. Cover the word.

  5. Write the word as quickly as possible.

  6. Check to see if the word is correct.

  • Please encourage your child to use this strategy in preparing for their buddy test.

Writing Workshop

This week we are publishing our personal narratives and celebrating our work as writers! Then we will begin our opinion/persuasive writing unit. We will begin with some inquiry by looking at both sides of a debate. Using these examples, students will be asked to think of something they feel strongly about and share their opinion through writing.

Math Workshop

We have started our second unit of the year! This unit is going to focus on efficient addition and subtraction strategies. In third grade, we learn quite a few different strategies. Some of these include using a number line, decomposing, and partial sums. The keyword in this unit is efficient - what is a strategy that will help get to your answer in a way that is quick and works for you? Your child will have daily practice independently, as well as be pulled into small groups to again support their needs. Small groups are more individualized for our learners.

Please remember to update and return math logs every Monday! We are expecting students to complete at least 40 minutes of math per week. This may include an addition game, math facts, or Dreambox. They have the option of completing their minutes all in one day or spreading it out among the week.


Our first science unit is about Force and Motion. Students have learned that pushes & pulls are forces and when something is moving then it’s in motion. They have had the opportunity to explore these concepts with wheels, cars, slinkys, balls, and ramps. Now they are working on multiple fixed variable experiments with pendulums to better understand how force and motion work.

Second Step

We have been focusing on identifying other's feelings and how to use this to follow our Rose Glen Be Statements. Looking at body language, listening to tone of voice, and understanding different emotions are all ways to help when a friend may feel frustrated. See more in last week's home link!

Coding Friday

Every other Friday, Rose Glen is engaged in Coding Friday. Each student has their own account through and is challenged to follow a series of tasks that will improve their coding abilities. This will help them as they move through grades and onto middle and high school. Students love this time as it engages their creative side!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please make sure you have signed up for a conference with your child’s teacher on Thursday, October 17 or Tuesday, October 22nd. Links to the sign up genius are provided on the Eagle Update. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

Big picture

Other Information

Gym Note:

Our students have the opportunity to go outside for gym class. We have a great playground for learning outdoor games in an outdoor setting rather than in our gym. Our students have gym class in the morning, which means the grass tends to be quite wet. Our students are encouraged to have a change of shoes and socks in order for them to have dry feet once they complete gym class.

On a side note, all students are expected to have a different pair of tennis shoes designated as "gym shoes" than what they wear to school as daily footwear. Even if your child wears tennis shoes to school, he/she should have a separate pair of tennis shoes that stays at Rose Glen and are worn for gym shoes on the days they have gym class.

Birthday Celebrations and Invitations:


Each child at Rose Glen is a gift and their birthday is a very special day! Again this year, each classroom teacher will ensure that birthdays are acknowledged and each child knows that their birthday is important and is a celebration. As we did last year, we will not have students bringing in birthday treats to the classroom. This will ensure that all children within the classroom are able to participate in the celebration and it also aligns with our district wellness guidelines and procedures. If you have any questions, then please contact the office.

Birthday Invitations

We strongly encourage families to use the online school directory (MySchoolAnywhere) to obtain information necessary to send invitations to families for student birthday parties. Invitations will not be distributed at school unless there is an invitation for the whole class. Again, the preference is for families to utilize MySchoolAnywhere to connect with other families in regards to birthday party information. Therefore, please remember to sign-up for this PTO sponsored resource to ensure that you are able to connect with other families and other families are able to connect with you!

Important Dates

*Thursday, Oct. 17th Parent Conference 4:30-8:00

*Tuesday, Oct. 22nd Parent Conference 4:30-8:00

*Wednesday, Oct. 30th Early Release at 1:40 pm

*Wednesday, Oct. 30th Fall Party

*Thursday, Oct 31st-No School

*Friday, Nov.1st- No School