BCCA MESSENGER March 4, 2020

Harmoniously blending the work of redemption and education

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Principal's Message

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Big Cove has been very busy over the last few months. We have had trips to Bass, the Cook Museum, Downtown Rescue Mission, and Open House. All of this is on top of the normal academic day. When life moves fast, your spirituality can be forgotten. We wanted to make sure that did not happen at Big Cove! When we are at our busiest, God welcomes us into His arms to rest and know that He is going to take care of us.

To ensure God is still at the center during these busy times, we got together and decided to meet at 9 am each morning to pray over one student. We rotate through the student roster and repeat when we get to the end. It is a good way to start the day - God is at the center. We all gather together in the chapel as one unit and talk with God. A busy life should never take a teacher or student away from God. It should only make us depend more on Him.

The other thing we are introducing is a character development program. Each month, a character trait will be picked (purity, respect, honesty, etc.) and the students will get to vote at the end of each month to decide which student in their class showed that trait the most. It is a fun way to teach the students about the person God wants them to be. We are shaping the students to be a contributing part of God’s kingdom. Both of these new implementations are going a long way to doing that!

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30


Lucas Smith

BCCA Principal

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March 9 - 13 - Spring Break - No School

March 18 - Parent-Teacher Conferences (Noon Dismissal)

March 23 - Tentative day for Garden Club

March 24 - Picture Day (Individual & Class Shots)

March 25-27 - Grades 5-8 - Mission Trip - School is normal for everyone under 5th grade

March 29 - 2 - 4 PM- Open House/Game Day

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The Navarro Family

We have a new feature added to our newsletter. Every month we will learn about one of the families attending BCCA. With all the busyness of life, here is a great way to know each other better. This month our resident Family Connections member Dahlia Swatzell interviewed the Navarro Family. If you would like to be featured as out next family in the BCCA Newsletter, contact informaton can be found in the attached document below.

The Navarro Family (by Dahlia Swatzell)

Our family this month is the Navarro family: Sal, Maggie, Avryl (14) and Josiah (11) who joined his sister in Mr. Smith’s class this year. They are a family that is easy to be acquainted with as Maggie is home and school leader and often seen teaching cradle roll. Sal is active in Pathfinders, VBS and helping with many of the school’s maintenance needs. They have touched our family personally as they have been there for us as friends and neighbors…taking our son to school, babysitting on short notice and just generally making us feel welcome in the BCCA community. We caught up together in February at the Nothing But Noodles fundraiser and I learned a few more fun facts about this sweet family. Thank you to the Navarros for being our March family!

There's more! Click the attachment below to learn more about the NavarroFamily



Come join us for Open House/Game Day. We want to have families here having a good time together for the open house. We will have snacks, games, etc. See you then!

School Picture Day, MARCH 24 (TUESDAY)

School/Individual pictures will be taken on March 24. Dahlia Swatzhell will be taking pictures that day. More details are to come on the purchase of pictures. Say Cheese!


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Highlights of School Spirit Week

Thank you families for your children's participation in our Spirit Week activities. Looks like it was fun!


Fun Times at Nothing But Noodles

A HUGE thank you for your support during our Big Cove Christian Academy School Spirit Fundraiser at the Nothing But Noodles restaurant. We had an awesome time in fellowship, and enjoying some delicious food. Together we raised $1,037. Our school received $208 from those funds. Way to go!


Cook Museum Field Trip

Thank you families for joining us at the Cook Museum of Natural Science in Decatur. The kids experienced nature close-up through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. From an immersive cave experience to a 15,000-gallon saltwater aquarium, there was something for every science lover!


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It is time to start our spring plants from seed! This month we planted tomatoes and peppers from seed into seed cups. The students learned how to figure out how many days till harvest, when should we start plants from seed and which variety of tomato is Tearl’s favorite!!

Tearl King

Garden Coordinator


Click on link below to learn more about Atlanta Adventist Academy

Interested in knowing more about Distance Learning? Atlanta Adventist Academy has a partnership with BCCA, with our school being the host campus for High School. If you wish to attend their Academy Days, and be able to ask questions, please see flier below.
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Be A Winner

I have a friend in Colorado named Jeep. That’s not his official name, but its what everyone calls him. And it fits. Jeep loves cars, grew up around cars, works on cars, is a great mechanic, and, races cars.

“Super Dirt late model cars,” — that’s the type of car Jeep races. Jeep’s dad, Ron, told me that Jeep had won a lot of trophies racing those Super Dirt cars. Ron gave me a tour of their garage and a close look at a couple of very cool race cars!

One day I asked Jeep to tell me a little about his love for racing. “Pastor,” he said, “my racing has slowed down. With my wife and kids and business, right now I don’t have time to give it my all. It takes giving it your all to be a winner. Otherwise, you’re just riding the middle of the pack. I don’t get excited about riding the middle of the pack. I like to be out front.”

Wow! I thought. That’s a great statement about what it takes to be a winner, to be out in front.

I want to encourage you today to be a winner. Think about, pray about, what’s most important in your life. As you do, remember the words of Jesus: “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” Give it your all. Be a winner.


Pastor Mills

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