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A Letter from Lynn

As 2020 draws to its close, I can’t help but wonder, “How did we make it through the uncertainty and constant change?" We spent hours agonizing over decisions that needed to be made, only to know deep down, nothing we decided was going to be truly right!

Yet we kept going, kept deciding, kept planning, knowing that there were a lot of lives depending on us, and we were not going to let them down. We had our doubts, fears and failures, but in spite of them we kept going for our students, their families, and our communities.

That’s what educators do...we don’t stop just because success seems undefinable; we look into the eyes of our students and we keep going.

Our wish for you is that 2021 is a year filled with hope, and the courage and strength to continue on!


Lynn McKahan, M.Ed.

SST 1 Director

New Preschool Education Administrator Network

December 1 and 15 | State Support Team 1

New preschool administrators will dive into the foundational framework of early learning and special education federal, state, funding and quality requirements. Evidence based practices taught will align completion of ETRs and IEPs to influence student achievement. Join us! >>

New Special Education Administrator Network

December 1 and 8 | State Support Team 1

New special education administrators will build foundation and capacity in their role while gaining knowledge of the law. Participants will use IDEA to guide understanding of district and school-wide policies, procedures, and practices. Year one of two. Learn more >>

PBIS Virtual Office Hours

December 8 | State Support Team 1

Join us for these open house style meetings, individually or as a team, to share resources, get answers to your PBIS questions, and network with other schools. Join the conversation >>

Project Graduation: Power Hour Series

December 8 or December 10 | State Support Team 1

Take a deep dive into Ohio's graduation requirements, learn strategies for building community partnerships, and explore transition plans to help prepare students for graduation. Register online >>

Literacy Leaders Network

December 8 | State Support Team 1

Learn the processes needed to create, update, or improve your district's literacy plan based solidly on the Science of Reading. Vital curriculum and assessment tools will be introduced. Register for the next session >>

Inclusive Practices that Support Learners with Significant Cognitive Difficulties

December 8 | OCALI and State Support Team 16

This webinar addresses specific strategies for supporting students with significant cognitive difficulties within inclusive educational settings. Learn more >>

2020 OLAC/ PBIS Showcase

December 15 | OLAC and Ohio PBIS Network

This one-day, virtual conference combines the best of the OLAC Action Forum and the Ohio PBIS Showcase. Choose from more than 20 sessions, hear from exciting keynote speakers, and collaborate with others. This year's event is FREE! Full details >>

Remote Learning Resources

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the way you teach students and have meaningful interactions with them and their families. We commend you for the work you are doing during this disruption to traditional learning. You may find the resources below helpful as you navigate these uncharted waters. Please feel free to reach out to our consultants for extra guidance.

More resources are also available on our website >>

Remote Classroom Management Survey

Dr. Kelsey Morris, Co-director of the University of Missouri Center and Dr. Shanna Hirsch from Clemson University seek your feedback to better understand classroom management practices used by teachers during remote instruction.

Please take this brief survey >>

Digital Conduct Tip Sheets

The choices you make online can affect your personal life, career, and employer. Take a moment to review these tip sheets from the Ohio Department of Education so you can avoid missteps online.

Self-Care Reminder

In the video below, Lori Criss, director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services reminds educators that self care is as simple as ABC.

Learn more about the ABCs of Mental Health >>


Happy Holidays!

SST 1 extends warm wishes to you and yours during the holiday season. We hope you find peace, joy, and hope as you celebrate with those you hold dear.

State Support Team 1 offices are closed December 23 - January 3 for winter break.

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