Fibonacci Day, November 23

by Sam Law

Fibonacci Day should be a major holiday

Fibonacci created one the greatest mathematical sequences of all time. This holiday is celebrated on November 23 because the first four digits of the Fibonacci sequence are one, one, two, and three, so written as a date it would be 11/23. This holiday deserves more recognition because this sequence has made a base for other major discoveries in math, this sequence is found in more place than one can imagine, and it has been a major help to many people who work with any advanced math.

This is a drawing of Fibonacci.

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How does the sequence work?

The Fibonacci sequence is continued by adding the number before it to itself, so stating with one, one plus zero equals one, one plus one equals two,and so on. These are the first twelve numbers to the sequence.


Also, the sequence can be made into a spiral, as seen in the picture below.

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