Harriet Tubman Poster

By - Mattie Shaw

Harriet Tubman - The Basics

Harriet Tubman Conductor on the Underground Railroad was written by Ann Petry.

- She wanted a better life for all.

Timeline -

1820/1821 - Harriet or "Minty" at the time was born a slave in Maryland.

1822 - Harriet was 2 years old and a 12 year old boy bought a book for himself. The book was the Latin dictionary. The boy that bought the book was named Theodore Parker.

1826 - Harriet was six and was now working on the plantation. A lot of slaves were living in Canada.

1827 - Henry Clay, Secretary of State, appealed to the Canadian Government again.

1831 - Harriet started wearing a bandanna. November 11th, Nat Turner was executed. The Virginia Assembly met in December, 1831. Harriet's master, Edward Brodas, died in 1831.

1835 - William Lloyd Garrison was rescued from some men that were intending to hang him.

1849 - Harriet met a white woman and she said "If you ever need any help, why you just let me know." Harriet went to work in a hotel in Philadelphia, as a cook.

1850 - The Underground railroad was doing very well with getting slave to freedom.

1851 - Harriet went back to Dorchester County. February 15th, a man named Shadrach was arrested in Boston for the Fugitive Slave Law. April 3rd, Thomas Sims was arrested. December she planed to take some fugitive slaves to Canada.

1852 - Harriet went back to Cape May to spend the summer there, cooking at the hotel. In the fall she went back to Dorchester County to bring more slaves to freedom.

1854 - Harriet began to not feel well about her 3 brothers.

1913 - March 10th, Harriet passed away.

Harriet Tubman - Chapters

  1. The Quarter
  2. The First Years
  3. Six Years Old
  4. Hired Out
  5. Flight
  6. The Underground Railroad
  7. "Shuck This Corn"
  8. Mint A Becomes Harriet
  9. The Patchwork Quilt
  10. "A Glory Over Everything"
  11. Stranger In A Strange Land
  12. Freedom's Clothes
  13. The legend Of Moses
  14. The Railroad Runs To Canada
  15. "Go On Or Die"
  16. "Be Ready To Step On Board"
  17. "Moses Arrives With Six Passengers"
  18. A Wagon Load Of Bricks
  19. The Old Folks Go North
  20. The Lecture Platform
  21. With The Union Army
  22. The Last Years

What is the book mostly about?

This amazing book is filled with all the adventures that the famous Mrs. Tubman has taken throughout her life like what she starts out to be and then what she becomes. Harriet Tubman Conductor on the Underground Railroad is mostly about her being a slave and she was tired of the trouble of being a slave so she turned that around by escaping her plantation and becoming a very famous conductor of the Underground Railroad.

The early years in life...

Harriet was just a little girl raised on a plantation belonging to a man named Edward Brodas. She was born Tidewater Maryland in 1821. She had a mom, Old Rit, and a dad, Ben.

Harriet Tubman's last years...

She was the legendary "Moses" and was very famous by the time she passed away. Harriet Tubman sadly died in Auburn, New York, March 10th, 1913.