Betsy Ross

Biography, Kassandra Rodriguez

Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross was the first person to ever make the first American flag. People say is just a legend that she made it. But i have facts that she did make the first America flag.

Early family

Betsy Ross was born on January 1, 1752 , in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the eighth of seventeen children. Her siblings were Deborah, Susannah, Sarah, Rebecca, William, Sarah, Mary, Samuel, Martha, Hannah, Ann, Samuel, Joseph, Abigail, Gorge, and Rachel. Betsy Ross was born with the name Elizabeth Phoebe Griscome. Her parents were Rebeca James Griscom and Samuel Griscom.

Early life

Betsy Ross is known for making the first American flag. After attending to Quaker school she learn how to sew and do other kinds of crafts. After she finish school, her father bought her a local upholstery where she met John Ross. In 1772 they got married and open their own upholstery business.

Flag Maker

In 1776 in the American Revolution started. John went to the American Revolution. He got killed by the gunpowder. Even though John died Betsy continued the upholstery business. She worked day and night making flags for Pennsylvania. Then a year later she got married again. She married Joseph Ashburn, but in 1781 the ship he was in it was capture by the British and he died in prison the next year. In 1783 he got married the third and final time. She married John Claypoole. He was in prison with his Second husband, Joseph Ashburn. They met in Joseph's farwells. He died at age 34. When he died Betsy's life was a struggle.

The flag

Gorges Ross asked her to make the first American flag for the American Revolution. She did the flag with the same colors. She had 13 stripes, but she only sew 13 stars because she did not had enough star to make the 50 states.

Why I chose her?

I chose To do Betsy Ross for my project because she is really creative. She got married 3 times. she was jot afraid to love again. She is he is really creative in how she made the first American Flag.