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Winter Break Week Two

AR Reading Challenge Update

I took the images and video clips I recorded and made a quick IMovie Trailer. This mostly shows what lengths teachers will go to in encouraging kids to read! Enjoy!

(about 1 minute long)

Reading ... Challenge Accepted!

QR Code Project

Hello Parents and Students!

I hope you are enjoying your family time! I would imagine everyone has checked out the projects we created before break. The little framed QR code links to a digital project our students created. Most made a Stop Animation slide show project but others created a video. If you are still trying to figure it out, here are the details.

  • Install a QR reader app on any smart phone or tablet. (There are readers for computers with cameras also. Just google it)
  • One QR reader that worked for me on my Iphone is
  • Hold the QR Reader to scan the little square in the frame.

Here is a write up of how we created the stop animation slides. The kids learned it so quickly! They even adapted to be able to screenshot the QR code when we had a school filter block emailing the QR code to us to save.

Google Slides to Stop Animation

If students come up with more fun project ideas, please have them email them to me or link to our Google Classroom.

Note and Reminders

  • Winter Break- Dec. 21st- Jan. 11th (Note: Monday 11th is a non school day due to District-wide Professional Development Day
  • Jan. 18th - School Holiday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

Please click here to access our full calendar

Challenge Accepted Updates

Lexia Winter Break Challenge

  • Trace earned 10 Dojo points! 5 for meeting his goal this week on break, and 5 for being the top Lexia minutes. (There is still time today and Sunday to earn Dojo points for Lexia Week One.)

Winter Break Challenge 1

  • Aiden and Joshua have earned Dojo points for answering the first question.
  • 1 point for trying the challenge and 2 points if your answer is correct.

Winter Break Challenge 2

  • See below for the challenge on chocolate chip cookies. Earn up to 2 Dojo Points.

Bored over the break? Here are some FANTASTICALLY fun things you can do!

  • CODE- Can you improve your coding skills?? Work on Google CS-First Storytelling, Art, and all of the coding resources on our website!
  • Create your own game! Use digital resources (Scratch, Google Slides) or paper and markers to create a game. The game can reinforce learning (math facts, vocabulary) or just be for fun!
  • Practice Multiplication Math Facts! This is actually very important because you now should be memorizing your facts at this point in the year and will be assessed when we get back. You can use your clear plastic, practice with digital flashcards, or play all of the exciting online games!
  • Learn something new! What have you always wanted to learn about? Research it and share about it on your blog. You can write about it, make a slides presentation, code something, or add a video. Just remember to be safe online and always check with your parents first.
  • READ! Find new books, new places to read, share what you are reading on your blog! Fun Places to Challenge - or create your own reading challenge!
  • WRITE! Write a story, a letter, or write about something you learned. Share your writing on your blog. Read and comment about other students' writing.
  • What do you WONDER about? Check out Wonderopolis and see what's out there.
Kid Blog Featured Writing!

Check out our featured writer of the week! How do you feel about having a bedtime? Read here to find out what Cayden thinks about bedtimes.

Featured Coding Project

Check out our featured coding project. Here is one of mine from the class I took. It's our High Low game with Scratch.

Class Donations Wish List

Ongoing needs and wishes