MY MidWest


The Native Animals

In the Midwest in Mishgan state bird is the red brested robin. In Mishgan the state mamel is the white tail deer. Anuther animal is the jackrabit.

People of the mid west.

Abraham lincoln was born in the mid west.Abraham lincoln was raisd in the mid west. Laura ingalls cabin is in the mid west. Laura Ingalls lived in the mid west.

people of the mid west

In the 1500s European fur traders wanted a new place to trade so they went to the mid west. Jean Baptiste set up a trading post near lake Michigan. Jean Baptiste was part of the haiti colony. Jean Baptistes trading post made it to chicago.

Henry ford

Henry ford made his company in the Midwest. Henry ford made the first assembly line in the mid west. The first moldel T was made in the Midwest.Henry ford was born in the mid west.