Unique Fish

Ben W

When there is blood in the water danger is close. Sharks are coming to attack. They use there extermly power full nose to smell the blood. Sharks that come in different sizes use this power full nose.

There are 440 described species of shark. Sharks live in the ocean. Some of the biggest sharks are the magamouth some are over 33 ft and the whale shark is about 40 ft there one of the biggest sharks found. The smallest shark found is the dog fish sharks they have a cylindrical body. They live in the deep parts of the ocean. There sizes ranges 10-in.

Some of the species of sharks that live today have evolved only 20-100 million years old. Sharks are carnivorous. The eat from snails to sea urchins, crabs, fish, ray, sometimes other sharks, seals, and birds. Some of the deadest sharks are the tiger shark, great whites and bull sharks. The bull shark is more likely to attack humans because the are fresh and salt animals. most of shark attack happens coastal parts of Australia but most shark attacks are not intentional. They mistake humans for preys. Your more likely to get struck by lighting then get attacked by a shark.

sharks are very uniqe mammals.

I learned sharks are not as scary as people make them.


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