Romeo and Juliet Rewrite

Reworking a Scene With Rearranged Loyalties


In your group, choose an important scene from the play, and change how the characters prioritize their loyalties. Imagine the impact that the new prioritization would have on how the scene plays out, and rewrite it so that it reflects these changes. Each group will perform its scene for the class, as well as turn in a copy of the script.


  • Your scene should be between 3-5 minutes long.
  • You can write the scene so a character has a change of heart, as though they've felt that way all along, or you can find a different way to do it. Be creative!
  • You do not have to use Shakespearean English--modern English is fine.
  • Come prepared. I do not expect you to have your lines memorized, but it should not be the first time you've read the script, either.
  • Be sure to include stage directions in your scene.
  • Props and costumes are encouraged!
  • Ask for help if you need it.