Beyonce vs Led Zeppelin

Omri Shterenberg and May Elias


we choose to compare between beyonce and led zeppelin.
Omri think that Led Zeppelin is better than beyonce because they more important to the music, but May think that beyonce more talented then they.

Led Zeppelin

Led zeppelin is the best hard rock band and best band of all time, second only to the Beatles.
Suprisingly, the band never broke up and all the members and all the members of the band are alive. My favorite members of the band are Jimmy Page (the guitarist) and Robert Plant (the soloist).

First, I want to focus on Jimmy Page. Most of the pepole think that Jimi Hendrix is the guitarist but for my taste, Page is the best. The music that e plays requierd so much understanding in music, fast fingers and pretty much, godness skills. I think that this kind of musicians comes once in a generation. Every single activity that they do in music is so good, especially the improvisation. Robert Plant is also this kind of musicians. He is so good, that he can reach every tune in he world. His singing is so deep and so meaningful. I think that Led Zeppelin and the old musicians are more important to the music world then today musicians. They brought to this world new janers and new styles of singing. The music that they make comes from passion and love to the music. They aren't do music for make money and they don't try to waken a provocation in order to get a fame.

The lyrics of their songs are meaningful and they make pure music.

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Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love - Lyrics


Beyonce broke records and won many prises on her albums and her songs is on the first places in the parades in the world.
In her solo career she sold 118 millions record, andit make her to the singer who sold the most records number in the world.
In her career, five of her albums got the first place in the "blibord" and she is the only woman that get this prise.
he was nominated for a Grammy Awards 53 all time record numer of nomination for singer, and has won twenty Grammy Awards so far.
She won the "International artist prize" announce its this Award was given for five artists, and she is the first woman that got this prize.
In 2013 beyonce go to world wide tour and she got two hundred and nine million dollars.
becase of it she beat Michael Jackson as "Dark skin artist" that earn the most of all time.
"Forbes" magazine publish that beyonce is one in the most powerful celebritys list in the world.
Finally, the singer Beyonce is aweasome and greatest top earner of all time.
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Beyonce - If I Were A Boy Lyrics