Character analysis for Ben

Jacob, Joey


  • Adventurous
  • Advantageous
  • Optimistic
  • Middle aged man, Willy's brother
  • Entrepreneur, business man
  • Tried to convince Willy to go to Alaska, became rich (Joey)

Important Quotations

1) "You've a new continent at your doorstep, William" (Miller 64). This quote is important because it shows Ben's character, and that hes adventurous.

2) "Just a short business trip. Boarding ship in an hour. Wanted to say goodbye" (Miller 64) This quote shows that Ben is going on a trip and hes going far away since hes going on a boat.

Big image

Picture explanation

This picture captures Ben's adventurous attitude towards the world. (Joey)

Ben's relationship to Willy

Ben and Willy got along very well. Ben wants to help Willy. Ben understands Willy because they are both business men, and Willy wanted to go with Ben at first. Ben treats Willy as an equal and a friend. (Jacob)