Let's Get Launched/Getting Started

Welcome to Spirit Wings Training Hub #2

Once you've completed "You Said Yes Now What?" Training Hub #1, you can now start your next step for success! Watch the video, print the documents. Message your upline when you've completed!

password: spiritwings

Power Of 10 Incentive for the Arbonne Logo Hat & Power Of 25 Incentive for the Arbonne Logo Necklace

For the Power of 10 incentive, as soon as you've personally registered a total of TEN Preferred Clients or Consultants (any combination 8/2, 7/3 5/5, etc), and have completed your "Getting Started" training, screen shot your webstats and email donna@spiritwings.com for your GIFT!

For the Power of 25 incentive, for all District Managers and above, once you've reached any combination of personally sponsored new PC's or Consultants totaling 25, screenshot your webstats and send to Donna for your gift as well!